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Top Animation Colleges Tamil Nadu | 2015 | Animation Institutes

Animation is the best course for the students who have lot pf passion in drawing,creativity and the imagination. There are many top Top Animation Colleges in Tamil Nadu that provide the best Animation Course at various levels. Following here are the names of the best Animation Colleges in Tamil Nadu,just click on these for more info 2013-2014.

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#12 M Chandrasekaran 2015-04-03 09:23
Is there Game Design College in Tiruchirappalli jurisdiction.

Fee what?
#11 M Chandrasekaran 2015-04-03 09:23
Game Design & Development -
Place of Colleges in Tiruchy, Dindigul, Karur and Coibatore.

Fee structure what:

Ex Army Quota -?

Loan Facility from Bank ?
#10 keerthiprasath 2013-05-11 07:10
weather it is good to learn animation course after finish my b.tech(IT).can i get any job?.
#9 RAJA R 2013-03-28 07:48
plz animaton collegs
#8 balaji 2012-05-31 11:27
which college has the value in animation with confirm jabs
#7 kevin 2011-03-27 06:03

Animation is an art that is based on drawings and other photographed images which can be rendered as a 3D or 2D object. Anyone having a decent aptitude in drawing can go in for an animation diploma or degree from a recognized computer animation colleges in Tamil Nadu. The ability to capture and reproduce an image is paramount. 3d animation colleges in Tamil Nadu train and develop students to become good animators by teaching them both kinds of animation (2D and 3D), there are options that are available to a student before choosing his/her course in media arts and animation colleges. An animation student must be able to visually script and draw animation sequences and objects.

There are several number of animation institutes that were set up in Tamil Nadu in the past decade, there are several colleges for animation in Tamil Nadu that are privately owned and there are some that are affiliated to one university or the other. The professional course includes a diploma in animation (either 2D or 3D) or a degree in fine arts with animation as a subject. There are also several colleges of animation in Tamil Nadu that offer vocational training to those who cannot afford to attend a full time course. The vocational course could also cover some allied animation courses such as graphic design and web design; these courses are finding popularity amongst young students who feel the need to be employable in the current environment. The roles that an animation student plays are many and the animation schools in Tamil Nadu are entrusted with the duty to develop and train good quality animation professionals for the future. This is highly emphasised by the fact that the government of India is in favour of offering animation college degree in many more universities in Tamil Nadu. There are many colleges for animation in Tamil Nadu, which offers man y animation courses to produce an animation degree.
#6 Prasanth 2011-03-25 04:05
I want to study animation but i was in confusion that what course and college i have to select...????? pls help me...
#5 Guest 2010-06-03 07:22
Animation is a fast-emerging high-paying career option. To become an animator, you need intensive training in 2D or 3D animation. Professional diploma programs in animation and multimedia are available for higher study. You can specialize in creating animation characters, creating two- and/or three-dimensional shapes, special visual effects, video game programming, game art and so on. The basic requirement is that you must have excellent creative and artistic abilities such as flair for drawing, sketching or caricaturing.

Top 10 Animation Colleges Tamil Nadu | Animation Institutes

There are many private Animation Institutes in Tamil Nadu and other Animation colleges in Tamil Nadu which provides the best animation courses in Tamil Nadu. Animation courses in Tamil Nadu is offered at various levels right from certificate, diploma, graduation to post-graduation courses. Few diploma courses provided in Animation are 3D Animation, Graphic Design & Web Development, 2D Classical & Digital Animation and Web Application Development. Few certificate courses provided in Animation courses in Tamil Nadu are Architectural Walkthrough, Interactive E-learning Application, Interactive Mobile Application, Editing, Mixing & Post Production and Visual Effects. The top animation institutes in Tamil Nadu offers specializations in entertainment design, game development digital animation and computer animation. 3d animation institutes in Tamil Nadu train and develop students to become good animators. There are several Animation Colleges in Tamil Nadu that offer vocational training courses to the those candidates who cannot attend full time courses in Tamil Nadu. There are many best animation colleges located all over Tamil Nadu that offer the good Animation courses in Tamil Nadu. Mentioned here is the list of Top 10 Animation colleges in Tamil Nadu and Animation Institutes in Tamil Nadu that provide animation course.