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Arts colleges in Agra are still gaining day by day, in todays world also. B. A course in Agra is a very old course. There are many top B. A colleges in Agra, which offer arts courses in Agra. The list of B. A Colleges in Agra are placed here, click on the colleges to get details about admissions in B. A colleges in Agra

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#2 Guest 2010-07-22 14:19
Admission Procedures and Rules
Application forms are available along with the College Prospectus at cost of Rs 75/- from the College office. A Bank Draft for Rs 135/- in the name of the Principal, St. John's College, Agra payable at Agra is required for forms demanded through post. Separate application is required for hostel admission and a non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 100/- is charged from hostel applicants. Every applicant to part 1 classes is registered with a registration fee of Rs 2/- payable at the College counter. Application sent through post should be accompanied by a money order for Rs. 2/-. BA, B.COM, B.Sc, part II and part III students and M.A, previous year only, should deposit the registration fees of Rs. 2/- alongwith annual fee payable at the time of admission directly at the Bank counter. Bank slips for depositing the fees for these classes will be available along with the application forms from the College office counter. A student is finally admitted to the College only after he/she has been interviewed by the Principal or representative and has paid first installment of fees. At the time of his/her interview, every new student is expected to submit his/her Scholar Register of transfer certificate containing a satisfactory note of work and conduct by the institution previously attended and migration Certificate in case of students coming from another state or university.

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i give a addmission in b.a class from st.jhons college from agra.

Arts Colleges Agra | Institutes

Many factors have been kept in mind before selecting the various colleges in Agra. This page gives you list of best B. A colleges in Agra that provide the best arts colleges in Agra. Fine Arts courses is the basic course provided by most of the Arts colleges in Agra. Apart from the conventional fine arts courses, arts college in Agra have started to offer courses in new age arts like animation, graphic designing, fashion designing etc. There are a few colleges for fine arts in Agra that offer duel degrees. The art and design colleges in Agra conduct an entrance test for all student s willing to take up Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). Thus increase the number of colleges for arts in Agra. The 4 year course in the applied arts is also gaining momentum among art students in the colleges for the arts in Agra. Many visual arts colleges in Agra follow this type of an education pattern to make use of the available time in a better way. Mentioned here is the list of top 10 Arts colleges in Agra,best fine arts colleges in Agra,arts institute in Agra that provide the best Arts courses in Agra. There are Arts schools located all over Agra that provides arts courses in Agra.