The top and Best Business schools in Canada

      Most of the students from various countries go to Study in Canada for higher studies as Canada is one of the best place that provides the best education. Study abroad has lot of scope and the courses that are provided by the top universities in Canada are recognized all over the world. There are various entrance exams conducted for admission process TOEFL Exam is one that is commonly accepted but the Canadian universities have their own entrance exams. And in order to check the English profiency IELTS Entrance score is accepted.

      Below mentioned is the list of names of best business schools in Canada.

      1. The Ivey Business School

      The business school is one of the Canada's first MBA School that even offers PhD programes in business. The school also has one of the best records for the leaders.

      Some of the programmes that are offered are



      Executive  MBA

      Accelarated MBA

      MSc in Management


      MBA Tuition Fees in Canadian amount is $88,500 for the International students + other expenses that are ranging from $ 4050 to $10455.

      2. Schulich School of Business

      The business school is best known for the innovative programs and MBA there is 16 months program that offers an integrated approach towards the classroom learning. The program aslo offers 19 different speaicilazations and also the program through full time, part time and accelerated MBA. The school is also known for the undergraduate program it offers below mentioned are the names of the few programs that are offered are

      BBA, International BBA

      MBA, International MBA

      Master of Public Administration

      Master of Finance

      Master of Accounting

      Msc in Business Analysis

      Executive MBA


      Financial Engineering.

      Executive education programs etc.

      The MBA tuition fee is $76,723.80

      3. Rotman School of Management

      The insitute since 1902 offers the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Management.

      Few of the programs that are offered are



      MBA that is offered through both in Morning and Part time MBA

      Master of financial Economics

      It also offers Collabrative Program in Asia Pacific Studies

      Collabrative Program in Environmental Studies

      Dynamics of Global Change Program

      The MBA tuition Fees structure is $99,710 for International students and 3,300 for the university fee and ancillary fees.

      4. Desautels Faculty of Management

      The MBA program that is offered at Desautels Faculty of Management is one of the most recognized degree.The insitute offers the courses at Undergraduate, Masters, executive and Phd levels. The program concentrates on both practical and theortical approach.

      The few programs that are offered in this institute are


      Homours in Investment Manageemnt Program

      International Management

      International Summer Program

      MBA degree

      Law MBA program

      MBA japan

      Professional Part time MBA Program

      MD MBA Program

      Law MBA Program and many more.

      The tuition fee for MBA is $75,500.The Average people who have taken addmission here have the work experince of 5 yrs.

      5. Sauder School of Business

      The business school is one of the largest business school. The Business school has given education to 34,000 students in 77 countries.

      The programes that are offered

      MBA degree

      Part time MBA

      International MBA

      Master of Management

      Bachelor of Commerce

      Joint MBA/MAPPS

      Business families centre programs

      Advanced Management programs

      The MBA tuition fee is $56.123CAD +$5000CAD for the global Immersion.

      6. Queen’s University

      The Queen's University is one of the Canada's oldest and most prestigious University that program that provides the undergraduate business program.

      The School is one of the largest University that provides the executive education.

      The programes that are provided are

      Bachelor of Commerce

      MBA degree

      Executive MBA

      Accelerated MBA for Business graduates

      The Executive Education

      Master of International Business


      The MBA tuition Fees is $85,000 for International students and $1600 for the student actiity Fees.

      7. HEC Montreal

      HEC Montreal was the Canada's first business school and was founded in the year 1907. The business school is also known for the research in Finance, economics,logistics,Information technologies and the Operation research.It has 1/3rd of the international studnets and 40% of professors are coming from abroad and provides the best business education.It offers the bachelor degree and graduate degree both in English and in french.

      The Programmes that are offered are





      Master of Science  in Electronic Commerce

      PhD in Administration

      Executive education programmes

      Master of Sceince in adminstration

      The Average work experince is 7 yrs

      MBA Tuition fees are $32,000 for the International students+$711 for health insurance +2500 for school supplies.

      8. Alberto School of Business

      University of Alberto

      The Alberto School of Business University of Alberto is a research funded institute. The Alberto Business School focuses on the Team Work.

      The Programs that are offered by this school are


      Master of Financial Manageemnt

      Executive Education

      Part time MBA

      Evening MBA

      Doctor of Philosophy

      Fast track MBA for Business graduates.

      The MBA tuition Fees is $48,950 for the International Students and $2000 for textbooks.

      9. Beedie School of Business

      Siman Fraser University

      Simon Fraser University is the first university to offer Executive MBA program in Canada. The school offers the various undergraduate and the graduate programes in Business.

      The Programs that are offered are

      1. BBA

      2. Executive Education

      3. Full time MBA

      4. Part time MBA

      5. Graduate diploma in Business Administration

      6. Master of Science in Finance

      The MBA Tuition Fees structure is $34,700 for International Students and $2500 for textbooks.

      10. Edwards School of Business

      The Edwards offers MBA degree.The MBA program basically concentrates on team building skills, leadership qualities and the business strategy. The programs that are offered are from 12 months to 36 months

      The programs offered are



      M.Sc in Finance program

      Executive Business Administration certificate

      Edwards’s executive education

      The MBA Tuition Fees is $36,870 for International students +$1350 for the textbooks+$930 per year for University of Saskatchewan Student fees.

      Canada even provides the students to work while studying. The studnets can work 20 hrs a week during their academic sessions.And the universities also give the rewards to each and every students. The education that is provided in Canada will not only make you an independent decision but also will help you the take the independent and postive decision in both professional and personal life.

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