Animation Programs & Careers Opportunities in India


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Animation Programs & Careers Opportunities in India

Animation Career opporutunities
Animation is popularly considered as the domain for those good with drawing and sketching. Usually a career in animation is suggested to those who can draw and visualize well. And nothing wrong about it! To be successful as an animator one need a mix of skill of art and creativity with technology. But aspirants have questions relating to the number of job opportunities that they have in this sector, the kind of competition in the industry and the remuneration. Let’s answer these questions one by one along with a look at the study course that one needs to take to pursue animation.

Starting with the kind of education and aptitude required to be an animator. One needs to be good with drawing/sketching, must be creative and out-of-the-box thinker along with good visualization skills. While being good with pencil and colors is a basic requirement, other three characteristics mentioned above are important to get a strong hold in the industry. Technology and animation softwares also come into the picture, but this part of the required skills can be developed easily.

Qualifications Required

Degree & diploma programs are available for students. Degrees are usually a bachelor’s in fine arts and take 4 years to complete. Diploma and certificate programs are shorter and are offered by private institutes. Diploma programs are more industry specific in their course structure. Some of the important courses cover a combination of the below given subjects:
  • Visual Effects
  • Special Graphics
  • Linear & Non Linear Editing
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Pre & Post Production of movies
The duration of these programs differs from institute to institute. Course fee is generally high. For example, fee at schools like ZICA, ToonSkool & MAAC range from 1 lakh upto 2.5 lakhs. While choosing the institute, candidates must research well about the institute, placement records and should also talk to the students studying and alumni.

Careers & Remuneration

There are number of career opportunities available today to animation aspirants. Film making industry is taking animation movies seriously. Even the audience is maturing to these kinds of films and is appreciating movies like Kungfu panda, Finding Nemo, Lion King, etc. Salaries for animation professionals are attractive. Even though they beginning packages are a little less, but within 4-5 years one can move to a six figure salary.

Career options available to aspirants are:
  • Character Animator
  • Background Artist
  • Advertising Visualizer
  • Audio Video Specialist
  • 2D, 3D Animator in movies, animation agencies, etc.

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