Characteristics of Graphical as well as Web User Interfaces

Characteristics of Graphical as well as Web User Interfaces

The GUI or graphical user interface is a distinct interface, if compared to its previous text-based interface. The interface present on the web is different from the one discussed above I.e. GUI or graphical user interface. The characteristics of GUI and web interface have been discussed in this interview are:

  • Interaction styles
  • The concept of direct manipulation
  • The features of graphical interfaces
  • The features of Web interfaces
  • Web page v/s Web application design
  • The basic principles of user interfacing design

Interaction Styles

An interaction style can be defined as a simple process or processes through which the user and a machine interact with each other or can communicate with each another. Now-a-days there are many options of interaction styles are available for web designers through which they can create graphical designs for websites or for particular applications. They can be described as follows:

  • Command line interface
  • Menu selection or option
  • Form filling
  • direct modification
  • Anthropomorphic

There is a limitation while choosing an interaction style, it is only based upon the type of machine being developed or the features of input-output devices involved in creating an interface style. There is really an explanation for each of the given styles below:

Command Line

Its command-line interface or the command driven interface is the previous but real user interaction style.

This interface provides user with the facility to operate a machine with the help of commands. It is designed to enter command in a particular area referred to as entry area. The commands may be of a single character or a multiline characters, words, abbreviations and codes. The command-line is the powerful interface that provides you the immediate access to a system or machine processes.

Command-Line is a flexible interface and also vary in its behavior of different parameters. There is a problem with command line interface and all the commands must never be forgotten and can test one’s strength of recalling.

Menu Selection

A menu is a set of options or choices from which a user can choose. On screens, the user opts a choice with a pointing device or mouse. Critically, some kind of visual feedback is then after provided to indicate the option which is selected. Menu chosen can also be provided by voice as exemplified by the "Press 1 to…" encountered after telephone calls to a business or organization. A menu is considered as the collection of choices or options from which the user must select. The user chooses from the options with a pointing device or mouse on the computer screen. Basically, these types of visual feedback are then offered to denote the selected option. Menus can be selected through the individual’s voice, for example “Press 1 to……” can be stumbled upon after telephone calls to a company or organization.

Form Fill-in

The form fill-in style is very helpful in integrating information. Now-a-days the form’s structures are very complex that might contain the series of fields into which the user types information or he chooses an option from the listed options. In Technical terms, these listed options are termed as menu.

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