Interior Designer & Associated careers

Interior Designer & Associated careers

Interior Designer & Associated careers

Interior Design is a profession that comprises conceptual development. It is a design related field that deals with designs and layouts of indoor spaces like a home, office, guest house etc. This course is also like other courses but it required creativity and decoration. It is becoming very popular field which is not limited to choosing the right floors, windows, lighting, and other miscellaneous items as part of the design but also aims at making the space both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. In short we can say, it is project work that an interior designer get by a clients to help them in making their space comfortable and little beautiful also. An interior designer is an individual who conducts such projects.

Eligibility for interior design course:

Applicant must have a college or university degree which is from a recognized university.

For working commercially, individuals will need to have a bachelor's degree.

Masters of a doctorate can help you to further your career as well.

Associated careers:

For interior designer career is very fascinating career which provide various career opportunity, an interior designers can work as businessman, he/she has to start this business with very small level.

Interior designers can work in small assignments with the domestic segment and can also work with large assignments which include hotels, airport terminals, shopping malls and arcades etc.

Mainly have to decorate the target place so Designer can also work with architectural firms where they work on details of construction plans.

Firstly can begin working with a decoration firm and handle assignments either individual or with team members.

There is one best option for interior designer is Entrepreneurship is a very practical option which most interior decorators opt for.

Branching out to areas concerning decorative, lighting, flower decoration, woodwork design, shop window dressing, aircraft/ship/picture hall interiors are some commonly chosen options.

One more field where an interior designer can work is corporate world where can find employment in various paint companies as colour consultants/marketing executives.

In the hotel industry, can also find employment in the project department as well as in advertising agencies.


There are too many ways to earn money but earning with less effort is really skilful. Although as all profession this also required hard work but if you have creativity which exactly required in this field that’s make you fit for tis profession.

Fresher may begin with a small monthly stipend of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000.

After on the job training when they have learnt to handle individual assignments they may earn Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10,000.

After training and some experience Product managers earn around Rs.30000-Rs.50000 per month.

For earning purpose also this course is very beneficial and good .This course is just a way to learn how to work and where to work. Creativity which required for this profession is in build in the person. There are many institutions who are providing the courses related to this .A creative person only can become a good interior designer in this fast going world more you are skilful in the concern field is seen.

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