Top 5 Career-Oriented Courses After 12th Arts

Top 5 Career-Oriented Courses After 12th Arts

Top 5 Career-Oriented Courses After 12th Arts

Generally, some people do not choose arts stream after their class X intentionally and they are forced to choose this stream, just because their class X marks has not helped them in seeking admission to science or commerce stream. The main reason for hesitation in taking up arts is that most students have the belief that they cannot find any career-oriented courses after 12th arts. But, this is just a myth as there are many career-oriented courses that can be taken after completion of higher secondary in this stream. Here are the details about top 5 courses that can be chosen by students.

1. Mass Communication:

This is one of the popular course options available for arts students. They can take up different courses under this niche like:

Those with good communication skills are considered fit for journalism and other areas of mass communication. A degree course in this field will open up door in different niches like film production, script writing, film making, direction, editing, journalism, public relations and career in film and television.

On the basis of personal interests, a mass communication professional can select the ideal job. Even, they can get paid well as journalists, VJs, RJs, screenwriters, editors and even as actors.

2. Fashion Designing Course:

Fashion designing is a field with the requirement of many designers and many people are of the opinion that this course focuses only on dress designing. But this is not the fact; it actually provides a comprehensive knowledge on different areas like advertising management, communication design, etc. This is one of the most appealing and lucrative higher education course, with wonderful career prospects for students from arts stream. If a student is interested in originality, style and creativity, this can be the best course to choose without any hesitation.

3. Language Courses:

Nowadays, the demand for translators is increasing widely. The reason is that many websites follow multi-language approach, such that they can reach out a large group of audience. Indian students, when they take up courses in foreign languages like Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish, etc can enjoy lucrative career prospects. Not just translation, students taking up these courses can find job opportunities in different fields like tourism, embassies, publishing, interpretation, etc.

4. Audio Visual Course:

Audio visual courses such as media studies, promotion and planning, brand promotion and even photography are among the best with career-oriented prospects. If a student has interest towards showcasing, his/her creativity along with communication skills through a lens based media, taking these courses can be the best idea.

5. Event Management Courses:

Event management course come under the one of the best courses after 12th arts. Event managers are in great demand these days. This course will teach the students on the elements that go in successful management of any event. Generally, event management courses are offered as certificate/diploma courses and so students can take these courses along with their degree course in any area of interest.

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