Career in Commerce Stream – The most chosen one!

Career in Commerce Stream – The most chosen one!

In accounting profession of corporate world chartered accountancy is one of the widely accepted professions which may not only presently available for private practice opportunities to a qualified CA but it have also the opportunity to get the job with the person’s choice. Flexibility of chartered account career helps the individual’s career choice in a more prearranged fashion as the professionals gives a chance to one’s interest field of profession and according to that they will accept the job according to their related field or they have the option to practice in commerce by themselves only such as in taxation, accounting, and other related fields.

Among all the general courses, Chartered accountancy is one of the toughest professional examinations to compete from. However there is nothing in the world which can be said as difficult task, if we are chasing with all our dedication and hard work we can able to do any work, then it is an exam only. In another words we can say that sincerity and regularity are the stairs to success.

To start CA, students need to get enrolled in the the institute of chartered accountancy of India (ICAI) by appearing in the first level for example CPT- the common proficiency test, we can do this by passing class 10 examination constituted by law in India or recognizing examination  by the central government. Students can be appeared for CPT examination only after passing the senior secondary examination i.e. 10+2 examination.

After clearing CPT student needs to join next level which is known as PCC (Professionals competence Examination). Then the students are required to register them for Articled Training and they also need to register themselves for 100 hours of information technology training after clearing CPT.

After the clearance of PCC examination and performing the necessary required standards with regard to the practical training, the aspirant is required to register himself for the well known CA (Chartered Account) final course program and after then attempt the final exam of CA. This exam in recent days conducted two times in a year, usually in May and November every year.

After the aspirant have attempted the examination of CA and also cleared it, then he will be eligible to obtain GMCS training certificate from the respective institute he was enrolled with for membership in several well known institutes or universities of the country.

To make easy for students the large institutes provides many attempt for making sure that the exams of CA of all levels such as CPT Final, PCC Final can be conducted in all main cities of India comprising of Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Delhi, Bangalore, Patna, Hyderabad, Pune, Indore and many various cities and town all over the India. From the website of ICAI or by contacting the Institutes we can directly get listing details of all centers for the examination of CA. Recently this institute also begin to conduct CPT examination online which have helped many students of remote places.

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