How to Begin CAT 2016 Preparation

How to Begin CAT 2016 Preparation

Every year, the number of students registering for CAT increases drastically. CAT is also referred to as Common Admission Test which has been conducted by IIM since many years. The candidates applying for it can be categorized in three groups including beginners, working persons and advanced professionals etc. CAT 2016 is expected to be held in between the month of October or the November, will constitute of these three groups candidates.

As there’s no particular size which is common to all, in the same way, there’s no strategy for the preparation of CAT-2016 which is common to all candidates. The preparation method can differentiate in accordance with the candidate’s ability, his circumstances with the work and education scene. This article will concentrate on the preparation of CAT 2016 candidates according to the groups which has been divided above.

Firstly, we will be discussing about the CAT beginners then advanced and working professionals later on.

Beginners: This group comprises of those CAT students who have been completed their college or in the 3rd year of their graduation course. These aspirants must have to start their preparation for CAT 2016 and should start from the very basics of CAT. They may not have much knowledge about CAT question paper pattern and not even know from where they exactly have to begin the preparation. But most of the beginner’s students try to devote complete time for CAT preparation and have sufficient time to complete the preparation and get the satisfactory results of it.

Advanced: This group comprises of those CAT candidates who have already once or more than it prepared for CAT examinations before this year and knows something about it, the question paper pattern etc. For them, it is the time for complete revision and giving mock test papers to calculate their mistakes and rectify them. They find out their current preparation level by giving tests and plan further accordingly.

Working Professionals: These aspirants of CAT are generally have no time for the preparation of CAT as they are the full time working business men/women or professionals and thus still have to prepare all for CAT 2016. It is although very understandable to organize carefully and thus have to follow some methodical approach for its preparation where they can plan properly without having any compromise with their work.

So basically, the CAT preparation can be categorized into three ways. The first one is the basic preparation approach for CAT 2016 and is done through getting enrolled in a good CAT coaching institute. For those people who are not able to join these institutes can opt for self-study which is the best approach if followed appropriately. They should take guidance from the right people and choose study material carefully which can help those aspirants to get success in this journey.

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# Priyansh 2017-03-20
I belong to Nashik, plz tell me As per 2016 ranking, which is the best MBBS college in India
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# Jagan 2017-03-21
The first position is held by Delhi AIIMS, followed by Vellore’s Christian Medical College, AFMC, Pune, Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi and the fifth position is held by the GGMC & SIR J.J. Hospital in Mumbai, you can also find some good colleges in Nashik- Dr Vasant Rao Pawar Medical College - Nashik ; NDMVP Samaj Medical College ; NDMVP Samajas Medical College
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0 # Ayush Amresh Older than three months
Hello I am car 2016 aspirant and this my first go at cat exam... I have been studying from january 2016 and have basics mostly clear on various topics but still my highest percentile in mocks was 88 what tips can u give please??
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