Job Opportunities for Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)

Job Opportunities for Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)

These days not only the civil or criminal law are the major pillars of the 5-year law course but there’s a vast requirement of the specialists particularly in the field of commercial law, negotiation, intellectual property, meditation, international laws etc.

Legal profession is one of those professions which are changing with time and are becoming more profitable professional fields. Even everyone is concerned about the new rules and regulations being added to the legal rights and legal structure. CLAT or Common Law Admission Test is a federal test for getting admission in well-known universities of India. The increasing popularity of this 5-year law course has been witnessing the increasing job opportunities in the law professional and related services.

This test was initialized in 2016 with only 10,775 students get enrolled for this examination for getting admission in some reputed university. At that time, seven national universities have participated in this test which now days augmented to 11 universities and will continue to rise in the near future.

Law has now a day’s becoming a prominent career opportunity for its aspirants being supported by top class law institutes like NLSIU (National Law School of India University), NALSAR University of Hyderabad, WBNUJS (West Bengal University of Juridical Sciences) in Kolkata etcetera. Because of the intricacy in the laws of India, the importance of judges as well as lawyers is always been in demand. Furthermore, the communities are even getting more and more civilian concerned and alert of their constitutional rights as well as other legal formalities also.

A lawyer can be thought as a person who has been licensed by the state to employ in the field of law and can give appropriate advice to their clients regarding legal concerns. Being a lawyer is very reputed in our society, they are given a special treatment. Lawyers can work as an advocate or an advisor for their clients. They represent themselves as an applicant or a defendant as an advocate of the client. They stand for one of the two parties in criminal or civil tracks. Being an advisor, the lawyers suggest the appropriate way for the client to get out of the case and understand the legal procedure of the particular case.

There are distinct features of the working of a lawyer on the basis of the professional they are expert in. In the recent years, the scope of legal education have broadens up with several new career and job opportunities for aspirants. Civil as well as the criminal laws are not only the major pillars of the 5-year law course as aspirants also learn corporate or commercial laws, human rights, environment laws etc and many more.

There are several websites where you can search for online books and study materials. You can even search for online purchase of books with appropriate discount. But what you have to focus is, you have to work harder and harder towards achieving your objective.

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