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What next after Arts, Commerce or Science Course

What next after Arts, Commerce or Science Course

What next after Arts, Commerce or Science Course

This is one of the major questions that every student asks after completing his or her class 10th or SSC. Be it a student his or her parents or their mentors,everyone will be confused here. With many options available confusing will become large.

With an aim to deal with this confusion of students and their parents let us discuss few points that should be considered while choosing a field or a stream after completing class 10th or HSC.

Study Options

•Arts – Psychology, Sociology, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Logic, Home Science, Environmental Science, Physical Education, Journalism, Library, Human Resource  etc.

•Commerce – Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies

•Science – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics  and / or Biology

Duration: 2 Years through State Boards or Central Board

One can pursue a diploma course in Engineering in Computers,IT,Electrical,Eectronics, Mechanical, Civil, Automobile, Chemical, Petroleum, Mining, Interior Design – These are 3-year technical courses through State Board approved Polytechnics or UGC recognized universities in India.


Fitter, Welder, Machinist, Mechanic, Electrician, Computer Operator, Mason, Painter, Carpenter etc. These are 1 yr or 2 yrs courses through state technical board approved institutes.

HSC with the vocational courses called MCVC is possible. It is 2 year program. After this program students can further study diploma in Engineering and get admission directly in the 2nd year of diploma. Students are not allowed for direct admission in B.tech.

They can do diploma and thereafter do B.tech which shall take three years.

Vocational or the certificate courses

General Nursing and Midwifery

Fashion, food, Garment, Stenography, Beauty, culture, Hair dressing, photography etc.

Accounts, administration, office management, sales and marketing etc.

Hotel management, housekeeping, receptionist etc

Music,choreography,rainting,creative arts etc.

The duration of the certificate courses vary from three months to six months and one also one to two years depending on the nature of the course.

HSC is the most preferred course

Second most preferred option is Diploma in Engineering. This is selected by the students who are sure that they wish to become engineers only. After diploma they can study further and they can do B.tech in 3 years. They get admission directly in 2nd year of B.tech.

Third preferred option is ITI or HSC-MCVC or the certificate courses.

Which one to opt for Arts, Commerce or Science now this is the most difficult question and depends upon the ones interest and aptitude, likes and dislike. If you feel that you like music and you will like to work in this field then select arts. If you think that you would like to become a writer or a journalist or the administrative officer then select Arts. If you like accounts or business then you would like to work in banks or Insurance or a similar field then select commerce.

If you feel that you like science you will like to become an engineer or doctor or scientist or do a similar job then select science.Most of the boy says that they don't like history and they don't like writing or reading language like Hindi or English then I can tell them that they should not select arts.

Many girls tell me that they have Mathematics but they are OK with science then I tell them that they can select Science but not to opt for Mathematics subject and then take up physics, chemistry and biology.

Many students tell confidently that they want to become engineers only. They are very clear. So the option here is that one can study HSC with Physics, chemistry and Mathematics.

If one wants to be a manager in bank then select HSC with Commerce. My daughter told me very clearly that she will not like to become a doctor and she prefers to be the Interior designer. You can even look around and select a role model.

One of my friend’s son was very impressed by his family doctor and wanted to become like that doctor. I suggested him that HSC with Physics, Chemistry and Biology .In case of confusion between engineering and medicine one can select HSC with Physics, Chemistry, Biology+ Mathematics, although it may become an extra study burden. People want to take Science in HSC but not sure that whether I will be able to do it

One hour per day five days a week, 45 weeks a year should be good enough to make one comfortable in any subject. These are figures of average students and average targets. One can increase or decrease the figures as per the requirement.

One of the students decided not to take biology in HSC, I decided that I will become an engineer and selected physics, chemistry and Mathematics. When someone love some subject too much while someone may hate any particular subject.

Select HSC with commerce subjects. Earning Money should not be the major criteria at present and hence focus on the interest.

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0 # Dennis 2017-01-11
Thanks so much for sharing this post. It is so important that people receive proper guidance from an early start in order to succeed in college. Someone could very well decide to get their masters in education much earlier if they find their passion in high school!
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pls help me i am from arts in 12 now want to join commerce
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