5 Programming Languages that Every Computer Science Graduate Should Know

5 Programming Languages that Every Computer Science Graduate Should Know

Programming languages and B Tech computer engineering go hand-in-hand. There are hundreds of programming languages out there; however, computer science students only learn a few out of them. Even though some programming languages are never a part of the curriculum – learning them can be highly beneficial for a student’s career.





From the most well-known programming languages to the highly obscure ones – the world of computer science has no limits for curious minds. A thorough command over various programming languages puts a student ahead of their peers and increases their demand in the job market by many folds. In this article, we will talk about the programming languages that every B Tech computer engineering student should learn.

  1. Python

Python is a high-level programming language that emphasizes on code readability. It can be used as both a scripting language and an object-oriented language. It is simple to read as it closely resembles the English language.

Python follows a highly compact structure and is transparent with the user. Since it’s easy to learn, python is recommended for students of all ages. The server-based scripting capabilities let the computer science graduates use it to create mobile applications and websites. Not just that, python is increasingly used for new-age technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.  

The simplicity of python makes it powerful. Since B Tech computer graduates already have many syllabi to cover – learning python is not difficult. It is easier to set up, and there are no weird rules or syntax like other languages.

Websites like Mozilla, Spotify and Instagram extensively use Python.

  1. SQL

Structured Query Language, shortened as SQL (pronounced “Sequel”) is a query language and not a ‘procedural language.’ It is used to retrieve information from large databases and then combine it to create meaningful reports. However, that is not all – SQL is also used to run applications on Android and iOS. The mathematical theory of operation forms the basis of SQL.

SQL is an easy-to-learn language that all computer science graduates must know. The syntax is easy to learn, and there’s not a steep learning curve. There is much demand for computer science graduates who can work on the database side of operations, and it requires them to be well-versed with SQL. Big banks, hospitals, analytics and software companies are a few organisations that use SQL for everyday operations and reporting.

All data scientists and back-end developers across all industries make use of SQL.

  1. JavaScript

The most important and popular programming language in today’s digital age. It’s impossible to survive in the job market as a software professional without having at least some experience with JavaScript. It is an essential front-end web development language that is used to create interactive frontend applications and web pages. It is the scripting language of the World Wide Web, and almost all websites on the internet use some element of JavaScript.

JavaScript has a vast scope with many libraries and frameworks that make development easier. Frameworks such as AngularJS, jQuery, Vue, React and Ember are the most popular ones. As a student of B Tech computer science, they will learn JavaScript; however, they also need to master a couple of frameworks to stand out of the crowd.

JavaScript can also be used as a server-side language using Node.js to build networking applications that are scalable.

The world’s most popular websites such as YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and many more use JavaScript to create interactive web pages.

  1. C# and C++

Almost all software engineers worth their salt know C# and C++.  These two languages are must for all B Tech computer science graduates. Even though C# is an old-school programming language, it is still much in demand. The learning curve is steep – but well worth its applications and demand in the present job market.

Many languages are directly derived from C# or take a heavy influence from its syntax, paradigms and constructs. C# is closely linked to the most inner workings of the computer, hence making it the preferred choice for creating high-performance specialised applications.

C++ is the direct successor of C# and is an object-oriented language. There are a plethora of applications written in C++ including virtual reality, video games and computer graphics. Many game engines are also written in C++. It can be used for game development and desktop applications.

  1.  Swift

There are all types of software engineers working on different frameworks, environments and languages. If Java and JavaScript oversee android development – Apple and its OS use Swift. A rapidly growing programming language, Swift was first announced in 2014 and has become quite popular since then.

Swift can be used to build high-performance and powerful native iOS, macOS and Linux applications. It is more streamlined and easier to debug than Objective-C – its predecessor. Swift is optimised for performance and was built from the ground to support iOS development.

Computer science graduates can grab many opportunities by investing their time to learn Swift. Considering Apple is one of the tech leaders and applications on macOS and iOS are highly profitable – software engineers with skills in Swift programming language are in high demand.


When deciding which programming language to learn additionally while pursuing B Tech computer engineering students must keep a couple of points in their mind. Firstly, the scope of programming language and secondly how far they are willing to go with the language. Since some of these languages are vast and may require students to give a lot more time than they intend to – it is important to be in tune with their expectations.

Furthermore, not all universities teach different programming languages in their B Tech computer engineering course. Consider universities like UPES that offer B Tech computer science engineering with specialisation in IT infrastructure. Such courses offer SQL, C++ and other languages as a part of the curriculum. 

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