Distance Learning in India

Distance Learning in India

Distance Learning in India

In the age of fierce competition where only the best are thought to get the best available opportunity the distance learning mode of education provides an alternate avenue for millions of students to upgrade their existing qualifications.

Some of the most popular Distance Education courses are:

  1. Advanced PG Diploma in e-commerce
  2. PG Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning
  3. PG Diploma in Guidance and Counseling
  4. PG Diploma in Advertising and Sales Management
  5. MA in Psychology

As far s legal profession is concerned, opportunities exist both in corporate sector and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). Legal experts have existed since the formation of organized society. The awareness about legal rights and responsibilities in the emerging world order is very important for individuals who wish to pursue legal profession. The degrees provided by Distance Learning in law entitle the students to practice the legal profession throughout India.

We also come across the term “Online Education” while reading about Distance Learning. They may appear similar however; a fine line exists between them. Online learning conducts learning primarily through an online server where one may meet once or twice. Usually one has a book to read, projects to submit electronically and quizzes online to take. While all online programmes can be termed as distance learning courses, it is not prudent to call all distance learning courses online courses. All the distance learning courses do not depend on the online mode of education. While distance education institutions have expanded at a very rapid rate, but most of these institutions need an upgradation in their standards and performance.  There is a large proliferation of courses covered by distance mode without adequate infrastructure, both human and physical. There is a strong need to correct these imbalances including barriers to effective distance education such as domestic distractions and unreliable technology with teachers and support services, and a need for more experience.

With upgraded qualifications and additional skills, you can adapt yourself to the challenging social perspectives. One can get a better career with an education, and create a better future for oneself with distance learning. There are many different programmes to choose from and fields to go into, one just needs to take the time to sit down and discover which one will work for them, and then fir it into their schedule. One must keep their primary aim for superior quality. There are numbers of institutes however; the knowledge gain at these institutes is never feasible in practical life or scoring good marks. Furthermore, we aim at providing quality distance education courses at affordable fees to those who could not complete their studies due to several untold reasons but want to study further to replant their buried dreams.

There are number of courses that can be learnt and gathered via distance learning. From engineering courses to diploma courses to IT courses to Management courses to Traditional Courses; spanning from bachelors, masters and diploma. Once one is successfully assisted to achieve their educational goals by coaching and counseling, students belonging to several streams like IT, Management, Engineering and traditional courses.

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0 # Aarush 2017-03-27
Hii, I am from Puri, please tell me the duration of B.Ed course
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0 # Pallavi 2017-03-28
Hello, Good to see that you are from Puri, the duration of B.Ed course is 2 years
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