What are the Employment Opportunities after Distance Education

What are the Employment Opportunities after Distance Education

Employment Opportunities after Distance Education in India

The most important concern among students doing courses through distance education in India is the value of their degree with respect to employment. From the point of view of students, the value of a degree is something that is directly proportionate to its return on investment. In case, a student plans to invest time, energy, and also money in taking up a course, he/she will expect that the course will bring some good returns. For most of them, good returns mean a good job placement after completion of the course. Many students deciding to do a higher education course through distance mode have a question as to whether the degree will have the good value similar to that of doing the same course on a full-time basis. Also, they have the question as to whether employment opportunities in India after a distance education degree are in par with that of completing a course on a regular mode.

Central Government Jobs:

Recently, it was notified by the Ministry of the Human Resource and Development of India that all distance education degrees obtained from UGC recognized degrees are eligible for the Central Government Jobs. According to this notification, all distance learning degrees, diplomas and certifications inclusive of technical education courses awarded through distance mode by UGC recognised universities would be valid for the central government jobs.

Great Salaries:

Recently, the excellent record was posted by the Campus Placement Cell of the Indira Gandhi Open University(IGNOU). For instance, students were placed in great positions in the customer relation management positions, Trainee research analyst position and Java developers with the excellent pay scale. Even though the salary earned by candidates, who did their degrees through distance mode will be very less as compared to IIM graduates, but still when comparing the fee paid for distance education to that of the fee paid by IIM students, those, who did their degree through distance mode are able to get great return on investment.

Better Career and Promotion through Acquired Skills:

Some universities for distance education in India require that the applicants should have some years of work experience to apply for certain courses. For instance, courses like PGDBM and MBA have these requirements and when they take up these courses through distance mode besides continuing their job, they will be in a position to improve in the corporate ladder with ease. An added certification and skill set will surely add to the resume of candidates, which will be beneficial even when they opt for new job placement.

Placement cells might work with Job Opportunities:

Nowadays, institutions offering courses through distance education in India have placement cells. When such an institution or university is chosen, students will be on the beneficial side without any doubt. They can get placed even before they complete their course similar to that of regular courses. Also, this is an advantage that they can get even though they pay a lesser fee as compared to the actual fee applicable for regular courses.

Without any doubt, distance education in India is gaining added value due to the best standards followed by the universities/institutions. So, students can take up a course through this mode without any hesitation whatsoever about their career.

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