Differentiate between Online & Distance Courses

Differentiate between Online & Distance Courses

Differentiate between Online & Distance Courses

Differentiation of Online and Distance Courses-

Online courses or e-courses are another way of learning apart from traditional ways. These courses are a kind of distance learning courses but the basic difference in them is that for a distance learning course we are provided with hard copies of the study material but if we took the case of Online study, we are provided with soft copies of the same. These can be in form of media like text, audio, images, animation or streaming videos.

Why are These courses better-

The most appealing quality of courses is that one can study anytime from anywhere and that too conveniently. Conveniently in the way as we can actually study from anywhere that we can do in distance courses too but to a extent only. We can’t carry our books everywhere with us but we can carry our laptops or smart phones and can study from them as we are provided with soft copies of study material. These courses are delivered totally online as soon as you will join an online course. Being student of that you will be able to log in into a learning system.

How it works-

You will receive all your learning material and instructions online and have to submit your assignments by the same mean. The main advantage of learning by online education system is that it is very convenient and easy to manage way. One can study at anytime and anywhere on globe. He doesn't even require a personal computer the only thing needed is a internet connection and a tablet, or laptop or even a phone. One don’t have to attend the classes regularly at set times but can set the timing according to him whichever suits him and can choose the time which fits in their schedule without interfering in their other chores.

Distinct Qualities of E-Learning-

One very unique and good quality of online education is that one can freely present his views with virtual classmates and teachers which he can feels hesitated doing in a real class. As he might think what impression they will get if I say this, what if I made a mistake and so on but on e-learning he feels free as he don’t ever have to meet those virtual classmates and teachers and is least bothered about his impression on them.

Online education proves to be very convenient to those students who take a little much time to understand a topic. They feel hesitated in an actual class due to this. But this is not an issue in an online learning program. One can take his time to understand the topic and can clear his doubts with the faculty and also by discussing them with the e-classmates.

These courses prove to be very fruitful, effective and cheap then traditional method of learning. By these online programs one can learn easily and conveniently.

Almost every subject can be learned by this process. Many institutions are providing this facility as a new way of learning and are promoting this modern method. Many national and international institutes are providing courses for students across the globe.

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