Tips To Choose The Right Distance Education College For MBA

Tips To Choose The Right Distance Education College For MBA

Tips To Choose The Right Distance Education College For MBA

As soon as a student decides to opt for MBA off-campus, the immediate thought that will be arising in his/her mind is about selection of the right college/university for taking up the course. In the past few years, there is a considerable increase in the number of institutions offering distance MBA in India. But, the question about selecting the right institution becomes tougher to find answer to now. Generally, this programme is offered in distance mode with a view to help working professionals to gain better job prospect and to climb in the corporate ladder.

The entire process associated with the selection of the right institution depends on a number of factors that will differ from one person to another. Here are some tips that will help students in the selection process:


The first and foremost thing to do is to check the accreditation of the school and the course. This is similar to checking the reliability of the regular MBA institution. Experts are of the opinion that the school that a student chooses for doing distance MBA should have earned accreditation from the Distance Education Council and All India Council for Technical Education. The important point to remember here is that earning an MBA from an institution that is not accredited will not add any value to the resume of the applicants.


Another important factor to check is whether the institution follows a curriculum that is offered by on-campus MBA programmes. There are some schools that follow the same curriculum with similar research, readings and assignments as their on-campus programme for off-campus programme as well. So, this is an arena that should be checked by the applicants before applying. It is also important to ensure whether the course will meet the career goals of the applicants.

Mode of delivery of content:

Most of the times, when a comparison is done between on-campus and off-campus MBA programmes, the arguers talk about the content of the course and the methods used for instruction. It is important for the applicants to ensure that the program follows a curriculum that is up-to-date. Also, as the course takers will not attend regular classes, they should check whether there is proper technology in place for delivery of the course content. The top institutions like Sikkim Manipal University thrives on small group mentoring, newsletter, chat with industry mentor, blogs and videos for their students to make the programme student-friendly.

Course fee and other expenses:

This is another important factor to consider. Of course, it is true that distance programmes will cost less as compared to on-campus MBA. But, in addition to the reputation of the institution, it is important for the students to check whether they can afford to the fee specified by the institution.

Schedule of classes:

Generally, the main purpose behind off-campus MBA course is to help entrepreneurs and working professionals to earn their dream degree without compromising their business and profession. So, it is highly important for applicants to check the scheduling specified by the institution for weekend or online classes. It is also important to check the schedules for assignments and tests, which will be of great help in assessing the course takers.

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