Tips to choose the right specialization for Distance MBA

Tips to choose the right specialization for Distance MBA

Choosing to do a distance mba is a step towards obtaining a degree that is a great addition to their professional qualification for most of the young executives.

There are several institutes which offer distance mba courses and it is up to an individual which course he or she has to choose to study further. Since investing time and money in a professional degree is a serious decision it is also important that one has to choose the right specializations.

Your work experiences since most of the people who pursue Distance MBA are young working professionals it is always a good idea to align the choice of course with their own area of work. If a person is already in sales job, doing a marketing specialization gives emphasis to his work experience as well as lends some creditability in terms of a professional degree. There are lots of advantages of distance learning courses in India.

Your career path plan: A professional degree like Distance MBA might also help you with changing your career path if you are planning to do that. With the changing dynamics of the job market, if a person wants to change his profession or get into another profession altogether then obtaining a degree in that area of specialization could be the opening door that is required to get into that field.

For example you are a sales person wanting to get into retail, a degree with a specialization in retail management can help you get into that field more readily than anything else.

Your interest in the subject:  Yes, one of the prerequisite to do any course is the amount of interest and enthusiasm you have for the course. While it also depends on your basic qualifications like if a candidate has a commerce degree, then a Distance MBA in Finance will be the most viable option.

But to finish any course successfully, one needs tremendous amounts of patience and enthusiasm to learn and write the qualifying exams leading to getting the degree awarded. If you are not curious about the specialization you choose, then you won’t interested to learn and put into practice what you learn as well.

Availability and scope of the specialization:  Another area that is to be considered while choosing a specialization is the availability of specialization choices.  There are several niche areas which are not offered as part of Distance MBA courses thanks to logistical or any other issues. Hence if you are focused on getting a very niche specialization, you are better off pursuing a full time course on the subject. Another point is the scope of specialization as it is no use getting a degree with an obscure specialization if it doesn’t help you in your career prospects. Some of the common Distance MBA specializations are General Management, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource, International Business, Retail management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, IT and Healthcare.

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