How to Keep Balance between 12th Exam and JEE Preparation

How to Keep Balance between 12th Exam and JEE Preparation

After the starting of JEE examination with the inclusion of Board percentage, the level of competitiveness and managing between two has become more prominent. Students are always in confusion to which needs to be given priority JEE preparation or 12th Board. It is important that one needs to perform well in both to secure good rank which helps to get good colleges.

Understanding of Basics:

Though it is said that difference in the syllabus of JEE and board is almost similar. One needs to be thorough with their basics. The JEE has questions with the higher level of understanding, though some questions are like that of Boards. So, first and foremost thing required is understanding the basics properly.

Revision is Important for JEE preparation and 12th Board:

The key concept in both the exam is being thorough with the subjects. Students need to revise the subject as much as they can. One need to fully concentrate on revision when the exams are only a few days from the examination dates. The Board examination has subjective approach while JEE has the application based or objective paper. So, one need to be good at derivations and formulae respectively.

Planning for Best Result:

Now, there is a need of a plan to achieve the best result. For example, randomly following an approach or doing what others do is not efficient. Every student has their strength and weakness which needs to be understood and planned accordingly. Starting fresh from the scratch as the deadline approaches is the wrong idea, instead of strengthening what is learnt is better. One need to plan their week focusing on all the subjects equally with both examinations given similar importance.

Solve the Previous Year Papers for JEE preparation and 12th board

The key behind every success is practice and learning from the mistakes. Students are advised to practice as much as previous year papers of both Boards and JEE examination and take up mock test. This helps to know the areas to be concentrated and reflects the challenging work endured by the students. It can also be considered one’s report card of studying and helps to improvise one’s plan of studying.

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There are few instances that are likely to occur during preparation. Every challenging work and plan have certain obstacles ahead which need to be overcome. The obstacles are to be taken as a challenge and students should not let the obstacles hinder their preparation or goal. They should consider that every obstacle can be overcome or there is an alternative to every problem.  

Preparation Strategy:

During preparation, one is likely to lose their patience and deviate from the goal. They either start focusing only on numerical or theory and losing touch with the other. As a result, one is behind the race of securing the good result. One must always be in touch with both topics and should check if they are following their schedule. When the theoretical portions are to be given more priority, one can always take up a mock test to keep the balance.

Comparison between Syllabus of JEE and Board Exams:

Similarly, many a times student start comparing the syllabus of Boards and JEE. As a result, they start only studying JEE with an approach that Boards portion will be covered or vice versa. One should always understand that though some portions are similar, but the pattern, level of question are different and should be from such confusion. There would be ample of time available for the student before the JEE once the board exam is completed.

The key to success is determination, patience and efficient plan to meet the objective.

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0 # Vaibhav 2017-05-13
Hii, plz suggest me What higher studies options are available after completion of MBBS in ?
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0 # Shruti 2017-05-14
On completion of MBBS, for being specialised in a specific field, candidate will have to take up MD or MS course in with appropriate specialization.
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0 # Tushar 2017-05-06
Hello sir, I am 3rd year student, I want to pursue MBA from Shimla,Please suggest top B-School over there.
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0 # Shruti 2017-05-07
Hello, after, MBA will be the right career option, you can find here the list of good B-Schools in Shimla- MBA in Shimla
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0 # Vaibhav 2017-04-15
Hii, I want to be a good doctor, plz suggest me the best MBBS colleges in Khammam?
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0 # Jagan 2017-04-16
Its good that you are interested in medical field, get good MBBS colleges in Khammam are Mamata Medical College
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Is there any entrance test for B. Ed course, can you plz suggest good colleges in Sonitpur
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0 # Jagan 2017-04-10
Different states in India conduct different entrance exam for admission in this course, These entrance tests generally test the language & proficiency, subject knowledge, reasoning and general awareness and teaching proficiency of applicants, find the list of B.Ed college in Sonitpur-B.Ed in Sonitpur
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