Best Way for the preparation of JEE Entrance

Best Way for the preparation of JEE Entrance

It’s not at all an easy task to crack IIT JEE, it requires a lot of patience and dedicated hard work. It’s not going to be very easy for first timers. Even many intelligent aspirants failed to do so and get good marks in these particular examinations which inopportune permit you to pierce in the supreme institute from all over the country. It requires a proper time table, a perfectly planned and managed study sessions, study in groups, you have to work hard as much as you can and leave no stone unturned in getting a good marking in IIT JEE. Its not as similar as your school exams or even board exams which only requires a few hours from your schedule and results in outstanding terms. It is a vast competitive exam and the aspirant is required to prepare for it in both mental as well as physical terms. Many people ask you to follow their tips and suggestions for cracking this exam; follow only those which you find important and genuine. Here are some suggestions for you which will assist you in studying for it in a better manner with positive mindset;

  • Many students think to just cover their 11th and 12th standard syllabus merely, it’s never at all much sufficient. You too have to go through thee syllabus of 9th as well 10th standard which will provide you a good base and will assist you in getting a good score. Nevertheless, this exam is not for the ordinary people, it’s for someone extraordinary which can dedicate his/her schedule to crack it.
  • The aspirant must study all the subjects equally, instead of revising or re-revising their best one. And even according to some people some subjects are more scoring than others. We all know that they have similar marks, and ultimately the performances of all the three are counted as a sum.
  • Try to be get busy in solving problems each and every day, whether it be for maths, physics or a chemistry one.
  • Don’t waste your time in those problems for which you can’t find solutions, you can leave it for a while and ask your colleague or a teacher for the solution. It will not be a wise option to waste time in such questions.
  • The most crucial step is  to prepare notes while you are solving problems such as for important formulas and write the difficulties which you  face  while attempting that question and also write some extraordinary questions in the notes to refer it to later date.
  • Learn tricks & shortcuts for solving distinct problems to save your time which will allow you to solve more questions in examination.
  • For mock tests, try to turn your environment conditions similar to examination hall like don’t move from your study table for 3 hours and attempt  the question paper continuously.
  • Give more focus to the subject or the topic you haven’t practiced very well or those for which you are not confident.
  • During the preparation of IIT JEE, time is the most important element. You have to choose what is important and what is not. As regularity will leads you to success, this is the only key to clear IIT JEE examination with good score.

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