Last Minute Tips for BITSAT Preparation-How to Crack

Last Minute Tips for BITSAT Preparation-How to Crack

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT) is a prestigious test for the admission in BITS which are located at three places namely Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad. Here are the last minute tips for BITSAT preparation. The slots for the test are from 14
th May to 29th May, and one must decide wisely after JEE Mains for the slot and timing for the paper. It is an online examination with questions on English and Logical Reasoning too apart for Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Here are some of the suggestion to crack BITSAT as one needs to keep their nerve still during preparation.

The first step for BITSAT preparation is that a student should have the understanding of exam pattern. There are single correct questions with negative marking and English and Logical reasoning are included. The rest three subjects are prepared for JEE exam also, but the former is left behind. One must give equal priority for all subjects during preparation.

Being Friendly with Computer for BITSAT Preparation:

For BITSAT preparation, the major factor is student should be computer friendly. Now, many of them are not comfortable with using of the computer. The online examination is different from that of offline. One question appears at a time which is to be marked or left for the later time. One should take up BITSAT mock test and practise it in the computer with the same pressurised environment as in the exam. The student should keep a track of their efficiency while taking up the mock test and plan accordingly for the better result.

For the computerised exam, one must have good speed and accuracy. The calculation should be done swiftly with minimum chances of error. One must try to attempt the maximum question in the time limit. There is a catch in BITSAT examination. If all the questions are attempted, you get 12 questions as the bonus. The catch is you can’t review the answers that you have marked. So, accuracy is vital here. Also, do check once all the questions attempted before opting for the bonus question.

Required Proper Planning and Preparation:

The key to pass any hurdle is proper planning and preparation. All the subjects are to be given sufficient time depending upon your hold on the subject. The weak areas are to be focussed while strong areas are to be revised. Don’t leave out English or logical reasoning and they too be given sufficient time. To have a good hold on English one can read newspaper or magazines and improve its fluency. Again, a single topic or subject is not to be focussed throughout the day just because it’s interesting or any other reason. The schedule planned must be strictly followed.

Should Attempt Mock Test:

For BITSAT preparation, one should also keep appearing for the mock test to know if the plan is working or not. The results give the check to the plan, and necessary amendments can be done to improve your result. Similarly, the result of the mock test also lets you know what are the areas that are to focussed more compared to the rest.

Make Notes of Important Topics:

Every topic is to be revised even if it’s well prepared. One should make a note of things while preparing and it should be revised frequently. The weak areas are to revise more often, and strong grip on the subject is to be made.

Don’t Take Stress:

The final aspect that must be considered is not getting stressed. Many times students get stressed during examination like computer issue, time mismanagement, etc. Students should keep their head cool and be relaxed. One can practice controlling its emotions by playing games, yoga, meditation, etc. Similarly, one should have a sound sleep daily to be in good health and work efficiently.

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