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Changes in GATE and their Impact


Since 2014 the pattern of GATE question paper has altered a bit. There are few changes made by the GATE committee these includes the introduction of Numerical Type Questions, Online Examination, Removal of Common Data and Linked Answer Type Questions. As the paper of 2014 was based on this revised curriculum we can expect the same types of questions for the year 2015 also. Here we will discuss the revised curriculum.

Numerical Type Questions-

These types of Questions were basically introduced to check the level of understanding of the candidates as these questions are a kind of subjective type so one must concentrate on subjective study also.

One must take help of standard text books to practice these questions as they contain a large number of examples and lot of exercise questions incorporated in them. Most of the text books have solving manuals also present these will help you out if you are not able to understand how to solve the question.

The basic strategy to perform well in these types of questions is to focus mainly on accuracy rather than speed both during practice and during exams. As these questions are a bit lengthy as compared to objective types, you can’t even think to re-verify your answers at the end of exam as you might not get time. So you need to be accurate at the first time only.

Be confident don’t waste your time in re-checking your answer many times. To attain this confidence study hard prepare yourself very well to solve these questions by doing a lot of practice. This part will constitute around 40% weightage of the paper so prepare it thoroughly.

Online Conduction of exam-

The next Mandatory change declared is that now these exams will be conducted online. This exam is now conducted in multiple sessions with each session having a different paper and hence a different difficulty level.

Most of the students thought to give the exam in the session where questions are relatively easy and thought to have good All India Rank. But the reality is a bit different from this as the students who give the exam in a session where difficulty level is high they are in a better stead than those students who give exam in relatively easy session. This is so because now the ranks does not depends on your scores but it depends on your normalize score which in turn depends upon the average marks scored in your session.

So, the conclusion can be drawn as if you happened to attend a difficult session then the average marks in your session are less and hence you have a better normalized score but if sat in an easy session then most students will obtain high score and your normalized score will be less than your potential and you expectations which can cost you in terms of AIR.

Removal of Common Data and Linked Answers type question-

The Removal of Common Data and Linked Answers type question is a positive sign for students as it was time consuming and confusing.

One important change is that calculators are now not allowed inside exam hall an online scientific calculator will be provided instead of that so one needs to practice on them to save the precious time during exam.

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