GATE – How To Prepare For GATE On Your Own?

GATE – How To Prepare For GATE On Your Own?

GATE Stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It is a test conducted for evaluating the complete knowledge of different UG subjects in science and engineering. The test is conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science and the Indian Institute of Technology. The score is used for admission of students to various PG Courses like M.E, M. Tech and Doctor of Philosophy. Not just for admission, but many public sector undertakings in India take this score for recruitment of the right talents. So, the career counsellor Mr Mukesh Maheshwari from suggests that candidates should prepare well for this test.

The question of concern:

When most students understand that GATE score is important, they are also concerned whether they can take up GATE only based on the coaching from a private institution. The good news to them is that self-preparation can surely help candidates to get through this test.

How can help?

With his extensive experience in guiding students towards their career, Mr Mukesh provides the best and dependable information about GATE at Apart from knowing complete details about GATE like admit card, notifications, question paper, answer key, and preparation tips. Here are some self-preparation tips given by for students planning to apply for GATE:

Be an early bird:

If you want things to work to your favour when preparing for GATE on your own, you will have to begin your preparations early. When you start early, you will get enough time to revise before the examination. Students, who have cracked GATE on self-study suggest that about 30-40 hours of effective preparation is essential to crack and to taste the success.

Know the exam pattern and syllabus:

Before even you begin your preparation, it is important that you should get a thorough understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern. When you know the syllabus, you can prepare a checklist of chapters or topics on the basis of your conceptual understanding of strong and weak areas. It will help you allocate the suitable time to prepare for each chapter.

Prepare a study plan:

Mr Mukesh Maheshwari with his extensive experience in helping students plan their career also guides students in preparing for the GATE examination to have a set plan for their preparation. Also, they should set achievable goals. When you achieve the set goals, it will boost their confidence levels and will motivate them with the preparation as suggested by Those, who are in the final year of their degree course, should give equal weightage to their college preparation as well.

Books can do the magic:

Also, suggests that choosing the right study material will ease the preparation process. You should prepare the theoretical and numerical portion together and never forget to read the topics only from standard books. Also, create a formula book that will help with a revision later.


So, preparing on your own for GATE is highly possible. All it needs is a dedicated practice and preparation to succeed.

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