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Points to remember while preparing for JEE

JEE or Joint Entrance Exam is basically a Entrance Test. Students are shortlisted and offered colleges according to their rank. JEE is a two level examination two of its parts are- JEE Mains and JEE Advance. One has to be very concerned about the studies to clear these phases.

Here are some points given which will help you to clear you JEE. And score well.

  • On starting study don’t start solving Multiple Choice Question’s directly. First go through the basics. Make your basis strong by paying proper attention to the theory part.
  • Revision is must. You should revise what you have done regularly to make the optimum use of your study.
  • Analyze yourself regularly by taking tests. To get a clear view of what you have absorbed.
  • While working on Multiple Choice Questions pay more attention to time boundation. Place a clock along with you and try to optimize minimum time per question. Check accuracy and time of every question.
  • To increase you speed of solving questions start solving 20 questions in an hour. Then slowly slowly decrease the time limit or increase the number of questions you solve in an hour.
  • Don’t ignore simple topics they are going to help you in increasing marks.
  • At the last moments don’t switch to new topics just practice the older ones which you have done.
  • That’s too obvious that the competition is too high you must work hard sincerely to pass through it.
  • You must never think negative. Negative thinking is the first step towards failure. Left everything on time and give your best.
  • First attempt that subject which you finds easy to deal with.
  • Don’t attempt the questions in whose answer you are confused as it can lead to negative marking.
  • Work on your speed increase it but also maintain accuracy.
  • Use Reference books as reference book only don’t make it a permanent and a substitute of primary book for study.
  • Devote more time in solving those types of problems which you find problematic or hard to deal with.
  • Go through the books of class 11th and 12th. Deal with theory and problems they are provided with.
  • Give equal importance to all the three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Try to study both board books and JEE syllabus simultaneously. This will help you getting a clear view of subjects and topics.
  • Go with simple and average level problems first. Then switch to the tougher ones.
  • Don’t waste time in solving lengthy and difficult questions.
  • All you need throughout the tenure of studying is to do revise, revise and revise. This will help you to get a proper command of subject.
  • Include yourself more and more in tests to get a better outcome as they will help you to increase speed and efficiency both as said practice makes a man perfect.

Work wholeheartedly to get the best possible outcome out of your studies and exam.

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