How to do VITEEE Preparation: Last Minute Tips

How to do VITEEE Preparation: Last Minute Tips

Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam (VITEEE) is an engineering entrance exam conducted by Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University. Many students from all over India give this exam for admission in VIT University, both Vellore and Chennai campus. The examination includes physics, chemistry, mathematics (PCM) and English. PCB is for admission into B tech biomedical engineering and biotechnology programmes.

Books Required for VITEEE Preparation:

VITEE exam pattern is based on basic concepts. Students should study NCERT books of class 11th and 12th, as these are the best books to understand basic concepts. Class 11th and 12th class NCERT covers about 45% and 55% of the questions of VITEEE, respectively.
Besides to NCERT books, one can follow books available for JEE preparation as well. These books will help to solve the tricky questions and particular question in less time. Make short notes of what you study, as it makes learning easy and revision faster.
Speed is Important:
Speed in solving problems becomes an important factor in VITEE exam. Try to solve the paper according to your strategy and always target to attempt all the questions. This gives you an edge over other students. But at the same time accuracy is also important. So what VITEEE preparation demands are speed with accuracy.

Practice of Questions is Major Factor in VITEEE Preparation:

The more you practice, the more perfect you get. Thus, one must focus on practicing enough number of sample question papers. Solving more questions will help you to sharp your concepts . It also make you familiar with the tricks applied in solving different types of question. And hence improve your accuracy level as well as speed.
Along with sample question paper one should also solve previous year question papers. Previous year question paper helps you to know the trend of question which usually asked in the exam. After studying a particular part of the syllabus refer to the questions asked in previous years. It will also help in identifying your weaknesses and allow you to work on it beforehand.
Don't waste the time During Exam:

During the examination, students tend to waste a lot of time in solving difficult questions. They should understand that the question which is difficult for him is difficult for everyone. Some students get stuck in one question and waste their time and some other leave that question behind and solve easy questions instead. Marks for each question are same, so the former student who solved the hard question will earn very less marks than the later student.
Lastly, VITEEE exam pattern is a multiple choice question answer pattern with no negative marking. First of all as there is no negative marking, solve all the questions whether you know it or not.
For solving questions that you don’t know, go for elimination method i.e. remove the options that are least suitable and option left behind is your answer.

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