3 Important tips for your resume to get shortlisted by Google
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3 Important tips for your resume to get shortlisted by Google

3 Important tips for your resume to get shortlisted by Google

Your resume can be reached to many companies provided you should have good right experience, should create good resume and submit it in the right way. There also will be many tips available in the internet to write the resume, choose the one that is the best and easy for you.

Getting the Right Experience

If you come from good education background from a good school/work for e well respected company then this will help you to get job. Build some iphone apps, webapps. Should have good knowledge of language skills like Java,Python,Ruby,C++ etc.And you can also do good projects related to these. Daily you have to update the resume so that it will be fantastic.

Try to practice to build a website or the portfolio.

Building the Great Resume the resume page should be only of One Page. Here when you go onto two pages then simply you try to add weaker content. Use the real resume format. Never create your own. Simple it is waste of time and space. There will be many good formats of resumes available in the internet choose the best one out of all.

List the projects done. If anything else information makes your resume to look more appropriate then include it.

Try to describe the content in points. Keep Bullets. If it is in paragraph then it would be difficult to read and understand.

Mainly focus on what all you have achieved rather than responsibilities. The first line of each bullet should be a word like built, created, implemented, designed, architected, optimized etc.

Quantify the accomplishments. No Summeries.Don't tell anything extra which you’re not asked for.

Submitting the Resume

Too many people should stop with just one avenue. If you’re active on stack overflow then there is chance that a recruiter will come to you.

Apply Online. It’s tough but people do get their resumes selected sometimes that way.

Ask friends who are working, or ask them anyone works for Google so that you can seek help from them or even they can refer you.

Try reaching the Google engineers on twitter, Quora or any other social media .The first to contact them is the cover letter. Don’t directly ask them that will they refer you’re them about the things you have done and the achievements.

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