Choice of Departments in Engineering Matters the Most : CSE vs IT
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Choice of Departments in Engineering Matters the Most : CSE vs IT

Choice of Departments in Engineering Matters the Most : CSE vs IT

Finally you have made the decision to go for Engineering, with the aspiration to become an engineer in future, what you have to be careful about is the choice of streamline in Engineering.

Courses such as Civil Engineering or Computer Engineering or even Mechanical Engineering are totally different mainstreams and students with respective backgrounds and respective interests can choose from the choices accordingly, but where does the real confusion of course choice come is when asked to choose between B.E CSE (Computer Science Engineering) or B.E IT (Information Technology). As you can understand generally, both are computer subjects and have so much relevance to each other. Now, when that being the case, which student should choose CSE or who should go in for IT? Where does this difference come from and what determines the choice between the two?

If this is one of your big time query, you have come to the right page now and your doubt will clarified when you completely read this article.

Differences and Similarities

The department of CSE is involved in training students across different computing technologies, designing microprocessors, circuit boards, PCs and writing software programs. On the other hand, IT department deals with all electronic computer processors, protecting software, transmitting data and retrieving lost data. These are more technological and application oriented and even the career opportunities of the two differ in its own way.

CSE provides the basic science for creating the computer applications and IT works on developing the applications with advanced technologies and making use of the applications in the real field. CSE students will have more programming skills, while IT students need to have more technological and execution skills.

The course structure and the syllabus largely varies for the two mainstreams, viz.,

Computer Science Engineering

  • Algorithms and Data Structure
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Human-Computer Communication
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Base Collection and Data Retrieval
  • Programming Languages
  • Software Designing and Coding

Information Technology Engineering

  • Data structures and Algorithm
  • Microprocessors and Interfacing
  • Internet Technologies and Applications
  • Computer Communication and Networking
  • Database Systems

This difference in course structure and curriculum also makes it the difference for their working streamlines, but by and large, there is a large scope of career opportunities for both these department students.

Career Openings

Some career openings that B.E CSE and B.E IT students include Data Analyst, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Network Analyst and Manager, Database Administrator, Junior and Senior Programmer and Client Server Systems Manager. Almost all top IT companies have big career opportunities for students from these engineering backgrounds, but needless to say about the tough competition in the field that demands candidates to keep developing their skills on and on to survive in this ever growing and daily changing industry.

Students interested in pursuing your studies further can apply for post graduation courses in Technology, Engineering (M.E), MBA, M.Phil and Ph.D. It is all purely based on the interest and skills of the student to decide on which course to pursue and what career line to choose.

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