Do Students still give engineering the first preference?

Do Students still give engineering the first preference?

Do Students still give engineering the first preference

India being in one of the Asian Country, where in children has no choice and finally common girls end up studying MBBS degree and B.E/ degree is mostly taken up by the boys.

In previous days elders in the family would give more importance to the engineering degree and if one would not get admission in the engineering college than they would study the B.Sc Course.

But then they would not think about studying commerce or arts course hence they taught it was only for the brighter students.

Here there are many students with arts and commerce background who get placed every year but still the demand for engineering is always there.

Here no one is sure that whether engineering is the first preference for the students but then it is one of the popular and best choices.

Statistics reveal that close to 1.4 million students have given the engineering entrance exam in 2016 out of which 14 lakh students have attended JEE entrance exam.

After studying Engineering

Students from the science streams especially boys will study the engineering degree apart from the medicine Here engineering has more seats and more job offers  as compared to the MBBS seats  even though people know that MBBS Degree takes  much time to complete than the engineering degree.

Apart from few students who claimed that they had passion in studying engineering, only few students said that as everybody was giving the entrance exam so even I gave and also my parents wanted to study engineering.

Few Students did not have the social pressure or the peer pressure hence they did not study engineering.

Usually parents say that they want nothing but want the best for their child, but then in reality forcing the child to study would lead to depression hence they should leave the child to take few decisions.

There are some Myths and some Reality

A child needs to be an engineer or the doctor in order to be the best in the professional life.

And other degrees courses have no value.

Nowadays the life of the people has changed there are people who do not study medicine degree or the engineering degree.

The marks and the grade scores that is scored by the Individual in the class 10+2 that will say his intelligence.

There are many students who have scored around 65% in their boards and later they went to the most top organizations because of their skills and the personality.

But Engineering students get the perfect jobs through the campus placements.

In today's age here it is important to understand the various functions along with the multitasking.

It is good to do a graduate from the reputable institutions companies will not only hire the students on the basis on the brand but then the candidate should have the skill sets for which they are looking for.

Here the Students have to choose their stream on the basis of points that are mentioned below

The students have to decide what are they interested in.

If the candidate is interested in Engineering then they should decide which branch they should opt for. Students should also choose the branch depending on the preferences but not on the basis of its popularity or simply because there are various job offers.

Parents should give the children the freedom to decide they should they do based on the personal interest.

The mind set of Indians should be changed so that they can study whatever they are interested in.

Engineering is still one of the popular and the best choice because either the students do not want to decide or either the society is deciding for them.

And for this topic there is no discussion at all at least for now.

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0 # Priyansh 2018-05-17
Hii, I am from Aligarh, please tell me, Is a higher education in cancer a good choice after MBBS?
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0 # Mukesh 2018-05-18
Yes, it is a good choice as there is a considerable increase in the demand for oncologist in India and also abroad, But, it is important that you should choose a good institution of Aligarh or any other place for doing your PG in Oncology
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0 # Vaibhav 2018-04-26
Hii, What are the career opportunities of Bachelor of Education course after my degree, also suggest some b.ed colleges in Wardha?
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0 # Pallavi 2018-04-27
The B. Ed course is an excellent choice for making career in teaching profession, it is very respective profession for candidates, find some good colleges for it-Swavalambi College of Education Near Ganga Sagar Tank
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0 # Vivaan Older than three months
Hello, I am from Cachar I have secured 8,000 rank in NEET, plz let me know whic college I can get
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0 # Jagan Older than three months
Hii, for finding MBBS college you can go through mock counselling , please visit here- mock counselling, you can also get good MBBS college in Cachar.
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0 # Lakshay Older than three months
Hii, I am looking for private engineering college in Hazaribag where I can get direct admission without any entrance test score, Please let me know about it.
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0 # Pallavi Older than three months
There are many private engineering colleges in Hazaribag where you can get admission without entrance exam, find here the list Engineering in Hazaribag
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