Engineers Science is just Philosophy - Happy Engineers Day:

Engineers Science is just Philosophy - Happy Engineers Day:

Engineers Science is just Philosophy - Happy Engineers Day:

How about the significance of this day in India?In the present modern society, we are constantly interacting with our environment. As humans, we have been harvesting and have been extracting all the resources that the human race needs for sustaining their lives and culture. It is however, the important role played by engineers to bring down the effects of damage to the surrounding ecosystem. They are at the responsibility of designing the required infrastructure for the society that is not just safe, but also efficient as well. As the society has this much great responsibility to the engineers, it is now important for normal humans to congratulate them on the Engineers day.Happy Engineers Day, to all engineers, who are working towards a better society. As most of us know, engineers and their practices are always encouraged and the motivation they gain is for one important reason. Can you guess what is it? Yes, your guess is right, they are benefiting humankind.

Contributions made by Sir. Visvesvaraya:When talking about Engineers day in India, it is celebrated every year on the 15th of September in remembrance of the birthday of the Legendary engineering Sir M. Visvesvaraya. He was born in the year 1861 and lived until 1962. The great thing about his contributions to the engineering field is that his works got international recognition for their rational ability in exploiting water resources. Even though, it is believed that he has contributed all his knowledge towards development of his own state of Karnataka, he actually made the entire nation proud. He has made his contributions to the engineering field for more than 30 years.

Achievements of Sir. Visvesvaraya:He solved the issue of run-off of reservoir and this was done by designing automatic sluice gates that as later used in different projects like Tigra Dam, KRS dam and Lake Fife. Then, he patented his design, which gave him income in the form of royalty. The great thing worth to mention here is that he generously contributed his income to the government with the objective of helping the government in using the funds for further development of the society.He has written his autobiography called ‘memories of my working life’. He gained familiarity in the mid-1890s, when he proved that he can solve the most multifaceted engineering problems. His employer, the government was admired by his works at Sukkur and published articles praising his contributions.He was graduated in the year 1884 from the Poona University. On completion of his graduation, he was directly recruited as Assistant Engineer in PWD by the then Bombay Government. The reason for his direct recruitment was that he was the bright student and stood first in his university examinations.

On this day, when we are sharing our Engineers Day wishes to our friends and colleagues, it is the time to remember the achievements made by the person behind this day in India:

In Hyderabad, he remodeled the entire city and improved the drainage system.

His advice was sought during the railway bridge building process and water schemes in Bihar and Orissa.

He established the block system of water weir flood gates and irrigation in Bombay.

He was a supervisor during the construction of the biggest dam in the ASIA called as KRM Dam in Mysore.

When he was on the peak of his career, he got many foreign invitations to work on bigger challenges, but he happily accepted by the offer given by the then Maharaja of Mysore to make his contributions towards the development of his state.

He was praised by the Father of the Nation once for his effective contributions towards the administration of Mysore central.

On this Engineers’ day in India, let us pray to the Almighty that the future and present engineers should gain the growth they are looking for in their career. Without any doubt without engineering science will turn out to be just a philosophy. Happy engineers day!

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0 # Priyansh 2017-01-22
Hii, I am looking for private engineering college in Mahasamund where I can get direct admission without any entrance test score, Please let me know about it.
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There are many private engineering colleges in Mahasamund where you can get admission without entrance exam, find here the list Engineering in Mahasamund
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Hello, I want to make career in engineering but so confused about its branch, Please suggest me the best branch which would have good scope in future, also suggest good colleges in Nagaur.
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0 # Mukesh 2017-01-19
You should take branch according to your interest, if you have interest in software or programming choose computer science, if you have interest in machines, choose mechanical, etc, some good engineering colleges are Tagore Engineering College
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Awesome information in the post
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