Ethical Hacking, what it is?

There is lot of career for Ethical hacking. There are lot of Ethical hacking courses in India.Ethical Hackers use the techniques and the tactics as used by the other hackers, but not to breach the security systems. They enable a company to prevent an attack/intrusion before it ever occurs. The Ethical Hacking is an aggressive mode of attack on its own network to prevent the data leaks. A large number of organizations including IBM, TCS, WIPRO, Reliance, Cognizant, Palladion Networks etc are reaping the benefits of hiring the ethical hackers. There are various institutes that provide ethical hacking courses in India.

With the increasing need to brace up the information security, the government organizations, financial institutions, armed forces, security agencies etc must be able to identify and face each security threat and come up with the security polices and processes. The important advantage of ethical advantage is that which is getting popular as an important security practice.

There are various organizations who train people for ethical hacking. Among the best is a US based organization, EC council. They are the world leaders in certified ethical hacker certification. They are DoD 8570 and ANSI certified. They have their ATC’s (Accredited Training centers) across the globe. With the presence in Mumbai, Delhi and pune in India they have QUIL (Quest Institute of Knowledge) as one of the best training centres.hacking is a big reality today, there is various news involved about ethical hacking in newspapers like 112 government websites hacked in 3 months.
Security breach: Hackers steal 90,000 US military email ids, Security breach forces NIA website shutdown, Hackers hit Citi group card data, and EMC2 security breach may cost customers $100m, Sony losses credit card details to hackers. Hacking is a glaring reality today, every hours hackers attack networks for their nefarious means. The world is losing trillions of dollars annually, an amount good enough to revive a country's economy.
Organizations attacked by hackers lose business and their customers’ faith. If the customer feels their information is not secure with an organization, they will refrain from dealing with the company and will not purchase any product or services from the company.

A hacker uses the software programmes to find an open port to gain the access to a network computer. Once he finds an entry, he can use your computer to steal your data or money. There are many Institutions in India  that provide ethical hacking course in India and also provide the ethical hacking certification courses in India.

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