How To Improve Practical Skills In This Semester Of Engineering Course?
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How To Improve Practical Skills In This Semester Of Engineering Course?

As most of us know, getting practical education is something important for engineering students. It will open up better opportunities for their employability and it will make the students proactive as well. The start of a new semester is the best time to plan things for development to your practical skills, if you are an engineering student, regardless of the year in which you are studying. As against listening and reading, getting practical knowledge will help you in getting a better understanding of the concepts. The three ways to improve practical knowledge on different concepts that you learn theoretically are given below:

1. Do it yourself:

It is true that your college will provide you with the opportunity to get practice. But, you can constantly engage yourself in self-made engineering projects. You can find a wide range of practical ideas over the internet and you can engage in DIY journey with projects like development of an Android application, building a robotic hand, framing an aircraft or similar type of works on the basis of your branch of engineering. You can get inspirations for these projects from your daily life experiences. When you put whatever you learned theoretically into practice, you will be able to identify the issues that you may face and can get clarifications for the same from your lecturer.

2. Involve in relevant practical activities across the nation:

As there are many engineering colleges in India, students are provided with a wide range of opportunities to take part in different technical fests and competitions. These events can provide the right kind of platform for the students to push their knowledge across boundaries. For instance, NITs and IITs, conduct many such fests and competitions across the country. So, students can look for practical learning opportunities in these institutions initially. In technical events, students can get appropriate learning opportunities in project-based events. It is better to opt for projects that can take students out of their comfort zone and will inspire them to make innovations.

3. Take the help of skill-development organizations:

Another method to follow is to get expert guidance from professional skill-development organizations. There are third party organizations that offer different hands-on projects for different branches of engineering. Even, separate courses can be taken by students, apart from getting trained at their college level alone. These organizations offering education separately provide both theoretical and practice education to students. Here, when it comes to the selection of such programmes, the following features can be considered:

  • The programs should provide hands-on experience
  • It should provide the opportunity for students to grasp all the important concepts
  • Students should be motivated to innovate new things through the program.


To conclude, practical education is something important for any student and this is truer in the case of engineering students. They should take all steps to ensure that they get this education, particularly if their goal is to get into the technical field of engineering for their career.

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