How to look for stable career in the bad economy

How to look for stable career in the bad economy

How to look for stable career in the bad economy

Nowadays, there is lot of ups and downs going on the economy. Some people have problem with the salary, economic slowdown for some and for some simply a bad economy. The hiring has been frizzed from many companies. Today most of them have a dream to make career in IT. Apart from these there are many jobs openings available in other fields. People can work through Part time.

 There are many people who are facing a tough schedule in bad economy. The sectors that include are agriculture, healthcare and the education. We have to plan the career in such a way that we should sustain against the economic uncertainties. We have to plan the alternative source of income which provides us safety so that even if original plans fails then this can work out.

But if the career is quite strong then no need to find another job for the small gains. We have to update the resume from minute to minute basis.

 Most of the HR having good experience says that they can retain the employee only if the person has proven track record and has given return on investment. Sometimes even company follows the rules of "last come first out”, which implies that candidates who joined the company last have the chances of losing the job.

 There are certain tips mentioned below for which still you can make your career perfect at the time of recession

 Basically the managers say that one should never change the organization frequently, he has to work in one organization on an average of at least three years even though there is less package.

Experts say that try to avoid any kind of loan and try to 60% of whatever you earn. These savings will be useful in such hard times.

Sometimes even in good economic conditions also there are no good jobs. People are hired by company as well as fired by the company anytime employers follow this concept, where as employees are always in search of better job opportunities. The stability of the jobs is always missing.

One has to develop the multi skills for career advancement so that at least at the time of recession you can jump from one profile to another profile. One has to take the aggressive approach to plan the future. Keep on updating the relevant skills as per the latest requirements and technology. Try to work sincerely in which ever job profile you work for.

There are various career options that are required n the different companies

1. Charted Accountancy

Charted accountancy basically deals with the decision making positions of the finance division. Charted accountants are involved in planning the strategies, preparing the prospectuses for the share issues, managing the proper funds, long term investments, investigations of the investments, takeover, merger etc.

2. Agriculture

Agriculture is a good progressive sector. Agriculture basically deals with farming, horticulture, raising the lice stocks, distribution or transportation of farm products and the farm supplies etc. There is a lot of scope for Agriculture in India.

3. Medicine/Healthcare

Employment is one of the best options for the doctors, even the government hospitals and the clinics as well as privately owned multi specialty hospitals and nursing homes are offering the best openings. MBBS i.e. graduate doctors may opt to work for central health scheme, Employees Insurance scheme (EIS hospital or primary health centers. Doctors also work for business organizations, school, industries and the consultants.

4. Politics

To enter in politics there is no any age requirement for it or any age to get retirement from it. Working in Politics is again the different environment, for that one has to be perfect in current affairs and many more. One can work in even government offices also.

5. Teaching/education

There are lots of job offers in the teaching or the education sector. Among all the profession in India Teaching is one of the best professions, teaching can be achieved both in quality and quantity.

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0 # Vaibhav 2017-02-22
Hii, I am from Dhule, plz tell me Do all the IIMs provide a degree or Diploma?
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0 # Pallavi 2017-02-23
Hello, good to see that you are from Dhule, The IIMs provide a diploma certificate at the completion of the course.
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0 # Vivaan 2017-01-30
Hello, I want to make career in engineering but so confused about its branch, Please suggest me the best branch which would have good scope in future, also suggest good colleges in Moga.
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0 # Jagan 2017-01-31
You should take branch according to your interest, if you have interest in software or programming choose computer science, if you have interest in machines, choose mechanical, etc, some good engineering colleges are Lala Lajpat Rai Institute Of Engg & Tech ; Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Engineering and Technology ; BIS college of Engineering and Technolngy ; Desh Bhagat Foundation Groups of Institutions
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