How to select an Engineering Branch in Counseling?

How to select an Engineering Branch in Counseling?

How to select an Engineering Branch in Counseling

Different Branches of Engineering

As the Engineering entrance ranks and results are out now, the next focus of the students will be, selecting colleges and branches. Students should select the branch based on his personal interest, his capabilities and job opportunities in that particular branch. If the students select the branch without any interest, based on the parent’s pressure or getting influenced from their friends, the student will face many difficulties in the course period or in his carrier. It is good for the student to select the branch based on his passion and carrier goal. In this process, students should take feedback from parents, teachers, friends, experts etc…

The student should give first preference to the colleges which has good reputation. Though, if the student did not get seat in these reputed colleges, he should not get unhappy and down his moral. If the student has passion over the subject and will to get succeed in his carrier, the student can achieve this by studying in the normal colleges also.  If the student has communication skills and grip towards the subject, opportunities are open in all the branches. But out of all the branches, there is great demand for circuit branches

Analysis of different branches and their opportunities


The hot favorite branch for engineering students is Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE). Due to the vast increase of electrical appliances and its industry day by day, there is a lot of need for experts in this area

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These software and hardware is used right from Televisions, Cell Phones to Radars and in-turn there are millions of jobs creating every day. That is the reason there is much demand and competition for this branch among the engineering students. And in this there will be much more opportunities, if the students concentrate on Micro-Electronics Specialization. If the student have grip on Mathematics and Physics, he can choose ECE. If the student completes B.Tech ECE, there are many opportunities in India and abroad also. If these Electronics Engineering students have also knowledge in software, there are job opportunities waiting in many prestigious companies like Motorola, IBM, and Intel etc..


If the students want to join in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) branch, he should have complete knowledge and interest in Mathematics and Physics subjects. The specialty of this branch is, if the student wants to go to Software sector or Hardware sector, he can switch easily. There would be more opportunities in Maintenance Engineering. The students of EEE would have good opportunities in the following companies such as JE, NTPC, BHEL, Power Grid Corporation etc… There are many power generation companies (both private and public) starting up these days to meet the demand of growing power consumption day by day

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 Bio-Technology still needs to be stabilized. Though we are seeing boom in bio-technology in India, it still has to go into roots. Future is very bright for this sector. Bio-Medical is gradually increasing its importance these days in India.

To get succeed in these branches one should have knowledge in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry subjects. There would be many challenges coming out from the researches which we do every day. So, one has to be ready to face the challenges

There are many good opportunities to study Chemical, Bio-Technology, Bio-Medical course in India. There are many job opportunities in abroad for these courses. Many of the Public and Private companies in USA, Australia and European countries are providing good job opportunities for these students.


Bio-Technology is the subject which gives more importance to research. This would have relationship with the following subjects, Bio-Chemistry, Genetics, Micro-Biology, Chemistry, Virology, Immunology etc... Bio-Technology has also extended its use in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Plant Sciences, Health and Medicine etc… Research, Marketing, Production departments of these sectors have opportunities for Bio-Technology experts. After Bio-Technology a student can start his carrier with joining as Associate in some of the research companies or as a Project Assistant in some of the Public and Private companies.

There is a good network for these Bio-Technology research organizations. Under CSRI, ICMR, IARI and DRDO many companies are undergoing the research’s. This unity would help to increase the scope and opportunities of Bio-Technology in India. The most favorite jobs would be Research Scientist, Research Assistant etc…

Student Should Select the Branch Based on his Interest

The most important factor which we have to keep in mind while selecting the branch in engineering is, the interest of the student. If the student wants to get succeed in his carrier through the Technical Courses, the student should have passion towards the subject and a will to achieve something in the subject. There is no much difference in the opportunities of various branches in Engineering. There are many opportunities in each of the branch, but the student should select the branch based on his interest, passion and liking towards the subject.

  • If a student is interested in computer programming, he can select CSE or IT
  • If a student is interested in electronics or electrical related things, he can select ECE, EEE, EIE, ECM
  • If a student is interested in machines, or designing automobile products, he can select Mechanical, Automobile, and Production Engineering
  • If a student is interested in constructing buildings, roads and designing them, he can select Civil, B.Arch courses
  • If a student is interested in production of pesticides, chemicals or producing petro chemical products, he can select Chemical Engineering
  • If a student is interested in advance courses like, Bio-Energy, Bio-Drugs and Bio-Diesel, he can select Bio-Technology
  • The branches of EEE and Mechanical will have more opportunities in Public sector than the other branches
  • A student can gain knowledge on selecting the branch by, reading more articles on engineering, attending seminars and discussing with parents, teachers and friends

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+1 # NEHA RAJESH DHAS 2017-05-16
hello. actually i have completed my diploma in computer engineering. so seeking for degree admissions am confused while choosing from the branches mentioned below bcoz i am not getting difference between these branches.
1.Computer Technology
2.Computer Science
3. Computer Engineering
4. Information Technology
from the above branches which one has more scope?
plz someone guide me
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0 # RAMASEKHAR 2017-04-28
my child has maths phobia please guide me which branch of b tech can i choose
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0 # RAMASEKHAR 2017-04-28
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0 # Mrs. N. Dubey 2017-04-12
Which is the best engineering college in navi Mumbai
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0 # Himmat Older than three months
Hello, i have completed 12th with 92% marks, now i want to take admission in best engineering college in Nizamabad, plz share the list
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0 # Pallavi Older than three months
Hii, You secured very good percentage, you can get best engineering college, plz check here Engineering in Nizamabad
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0 # ankurrastogi Older than three months
i am confused that whether branch should be given preference or college
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0 # Himanshu khanadelwal Older than three months
Hello sir,
It depends on upon the quality education provided by college or branch, for further query please visit
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