M.Tech in India

M.Tech in India

After completing Engineering degree, most of the students go for Master's degree. They choose MBA or M.tech to continue further.  But if the candidate is interested in doing M.Tech degree then he or she should give the entrance exam i.e. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Entrance exam which will be conducted every year. GATE Entrance exam is conducted by GATE Committee all over India for seeking admissions to M.Tech programs in India.  After writing the GATE Entrance Exam one can choose the best M.Tech colleges in India. Let us now brief few points about M.Tech:

M.Tech is a Post graduate Engineering Degree. The duration of M.Tech course in India is 2 yrs. The first two semesters will be same as that B.Tech degree with lab work, lectures and exams for each semesters. In 3rd Semester students have to do one mini-project.  In 4th semester the students have to do Project work with complete research work.

Few of the specifications that are offered in M.Tech are:

M.Tech in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering basically deals with design, maintaince and construction. There is lot of job offers for civil engineers in buildings, highways, bridges, airports and dams.  All the IIT'S are one of the top M.Tech colleges in India that offer the best M.Tech course in civil engineering in India.

M.Tech in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineers are experts in field of chemical reactions and Experiements.Chemical engineers have a great demand in Petroleum industry, oil and Gas Company, in the field related to chemical products and also in the field related to drugs and medicines.

Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Technology, Birla Institute of Technology and Science are few top M.Tech colleges in India which provide best M.Tech course in chemical engineering.

M.Tech in Computer science engineering:

Computer Science Engineering basically deals with design and implementation of both software and hardware. There are various job offers for computer science engineering in both Public and Private sector. M.Tech in Computer science engineers can start their career as Application developer, Database Administrator, Software Engineer, Tester, Network Analyst etc.

Apart from these colleges and the specification mentioned above there are even several top M.tech colleges in India that provide the best M.Tech course in India. The advantage of studying M.Tech degree is it will add an extra degree to your education which will help you in the long term basic. And you will get in depth knowledge of the specialization you opt for.

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