Online Guidance For JEE Advance Students By IIT Gandhinagar.
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Online Guidance For JEE Advance Students By IIT Gandhinagar.

Students who have already cleared the JEE (Advanced) examination communicated with present IIT candidates for guiding these candidates for a better career via ‘Google Hangout’ from 18th June, 2016 to 24th June 2016. This initiative was arranged along with the ‘Open House’ on 20th June, 2016 and 21st June, 2016 at the campus of IIT Gandhinagar.

Anurag Goyal, a student from IIT Gandhinagar stated that the whole motive behind setting up the initiative was to assist and help the respective students, so that they can make calculated choices related to discipline and institutes. The intention was also to deliver the conventional doubts and other queries about the college life in IIT Gandhinagar.

There were various time slots for the hangout session with the students. The students who were inclined on participating were expected to fill a form on Google, which was made available at the official website of the institute. The students were free to choose time slots according to their convenience from the various options available.

One of the volunteers, Shubham Patil also stated that, with the help of Hangouts on Google, the student volunteers were able to provide adequate information for numerous queries that were put up by the students. It was made sure that the queries and doubts provided by the candidates were solved in an organized manner.

Professor Jaison Manjaly, a Dean of Student Affairs at IIT Gandhinagar stated the importance of the Open House and said that students especially fresher are not much aware about the various disciplines provided at the IITs. They also seem to have a lot of misconceptions and confusion regarding various details. The sole aim of the respective Open House is to provide students along and their parents detailed information about the various disciplines, life of student in IIT Gandhinagar, the vision of the institute and the various opportunities that students will come across at the institute.

The respective guidance session was addressed by the faculty members of IIT Gandhinagar who belong to several disciplines along with deans. The candidates who signed up for the respective session were able to clear their doubts and queries efficiently with the students of IIT Gandhinagar.


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