The ratio of Girls in engineering colleges

The ratio of Girls in engineering colleges

The ratio of Girls in engineering colleges

The ratio of boys to girls is always low in India and it is widely affected in the education sector especially in the Engineering Colleges in India.

The numbers of girls who every year takes admission in Engineering Colleges compertively are low.

There are many reasons why most of the girls are low in Engineering College. Guys in the Engineering colleges say that if there are no girls then it would become problem for dating but dating is always not restricted to campus. There are certain things that can never be gender related unless we ourselves want them to be so.

It would be good if the ratios of girls are always more as the competition would be high.

And even most of the boys just are not serious with the teachers and always keep having fun so having girls in class will make them to be sincere.

There are still many boy’s colleges in India. Technically it is good that if more Number of girls take admission in Engineering Colleges as they can improve their knowledge technically as well contribute the knowledge to the respective field they work in.

There are some parents who still say that since there are no reservations for girls in the most of the engineering colleges it’s difficult for them to get admission.

But this is not true every where and more ever girls have the equal chance of competing with boys equally, so reservations should not be an issue there.

Sometimes it happens that even though girls score well in the graduation but sometimes they cannot be selected by company because somewhere they may lack in technical skills.

Speaking to the few guys from the engineering colleges we found that Mechanical and mining are the two branches where we don't find girls at all among all the branches in engineering.

Before people used to think that boys can do more better than girls but this is not the case everywhere and always as girls have always performed the best and have contributed in journalism field, media, languages, Management in HR etc.  Engineering is not everyone's cup of tea including both girls and boys.

Sometimes because of the hectic schedule girls may not find it easy to go for engineering degree.

But when we spoke to the other guy of engineering college they said that this is not same everywhere as when i had been to IIT coaching there the ratio was equal. Most of them might have attended the coaching but they didn't get through.

Hence girls should be always welcomed to take admission in engineering colleges and try their level best to be technically strong to contribute in the respective field.

Candidates who score well and are perfect in Maths, Physics and chemistry score well and get the chance to take the admission in engineering colleges in India. But as per the latest report in the mathematical ability we found that 63.33% were males and 51% were females.

As seen even today in many colleges women is more confident than Man. Here both male and female in the engineering colleges are given equal importance and chance.

Indian Institute of technology have the male female ratio as 14:1 and Indian education is still working on it.

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# Vaibhav 2017-01-29
Hii , I am from Medinipur,Can anyone tell me about complete selection procedure about IITs and NITs and at which time exams for these are conducted?
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0 # Gaurav 2017-02-18
To take admission in NITs one has to clear JEE Main with some decent rank and has to clear JEE-Adv for IITs. One is only eligible to appear in JEE-Adv if he/she has cleared JEE-Main.
JEE-Main is conducted in first week of April every year and its form submission process runs for a month in December. After clearing JEE-Main, one could fill up the form of JEE-Adv from first week of May and the exam is conducted on 4th Sunday of May.
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# Shruti 2017-01-30
Hello, good to see that you are from Medinipur, for IITs and NITs, you have to give entrance exam, For NITs JEE Main is the entrance exam and for IITs JEE Advanced is the entrance exam
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