What is Graduate Record Examination or GRE

What is Graduate Record Examination or GRE

What is Graduate Record Examination or GRE

If you are not business minded type? Want to move out and enhance your technical skills further but don’t want to settle for an M.Tech in India? Then an MS from a US university or any other foreign university is what you are game for.

Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a commercially run standardized test that is an admission requirement for many graduate schools principally in the invited states, but also in other English speaking countries. The exam is primarily focused on testing abstract thinking skills in the areas of mathematics, vocabulary, and analytical writing. The GRE is typically a computer –based exam that is administered by select qualified testing centres; however, paper-based exams are offered in areas of the world that lacks the technological requirements.

The Exam consists of four selections. The first section is a writing section, while the other three are multiple-choice style. One of the multiple choice style exams will test verbal skills, another will test quantitative skills and a third exam will be an experimental section that is not included in the reported score. Test does not know which of the three multiple-choice sections the experimental section is. The entire test procedure takes about 4 hours.

The GRE General Test measure verbal reasoning quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills that are not related to any specific field of study.

How to prepare?

First and second year engineering-

Apply for your passport.

Focus well on your word lists and work on your verbal

Third year engineering

Take up the GRE exam.

Take up the TOEFL exam.

Looks up schools of your interest and professors you would like to work with.

Contact graduate students there to see what they think of the school and possibility of aid.

Final year engineering-

Fill up application forms and mail them well in advance. Include time for requesting for Recommendations.

Once your applications have reached the university begin emailing the professors/departments requesting an assistant ship.

What else is needed?

Whether one likes it or not, scores play a very important role in admissions. It is important that one is in the upper end of one’s class as far as academic ranking goes.

In the first few Semesters, I suggest working on various projects and sample various hot areas in your branch in in engineering so that by the time you are in the 3rd year or so, you can plan well for your college library journals and meting often with your professors for advance on hot areas.

Try to publish your technical work in various local conferences. For this, it is important for you to pick a faculty as your advisor and work with the faculty to produce impressive technical work. Having publications and visiting conferences reflects positively on your ability to pursue higher education.

It’s also pays to be well versed with some software packages like -  MATLAB  and Mathematics. Familiarizing yourself with C++/Java may also help .apart from the knowledge aspect; software skills might help you get an assistantship too.

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Hello Sir, Thankyou for your comment. Please visit Engineering in Jamnagar for best B.tech colleges in Jamnagar, Hope you will get best college from the list, Also various major streams in B.tech are Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science etc.
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