Why MBA after Engineering? Is It Worth to Do?

Why MBA after Engineering? Is It Worth to Do?

MBA after engineering is very popular in India. Aspirant engineers are in a great dilemma after completing their graduation. They are stressed to tougher education and are confused for their future. Every person wants to earn better and grow rapidly and live a quality life.

There are few other options available like pursuing M. Tech or joining a technology company. But the problem arises of slow growth, same technical job and doing a job for the particular person.

Today the trend of pursuing the MBA after engineering has increased a lot. Often, engineers are bored with the subject and want to get rid of it. Similarly, they find it easy to solve the Cat examination, and it's never a harm to play safe. Likewise, there are limited seats available for the post of technical jobs in India.

Statistics of candidates selected in IIM’s.

Engineers can solve a problem technically, but MBA helps to manage the problem in a bigger way. MBA teaches candidates to manage things properly, and in the corporate world, it is a valuable tool.

Engineer with an MBA degree helps him/her to manage other people with technical knowledge. The product designed/manufactured by the engineers find profitable business and market with the help of MBA knowledge.

The engineer gains a multitasking ability. If a candidate has done MBA after engineering, these both degree is always preyed upon, and the corporate world always looks for such candidate.

Such candidates have a good salary package and handle the management resources. Similarly, they have the variety of options available to them during joining of the company.

It is important for a candidate to widen their skills and knowledge if they want to upgrade to higher posts. The scope is expanded when an engineer obtains an MBA degree.

In today’s continuously revolutionising world, the managers need to implement the new product, design and meet the market demand as quickly as possible. The candidate with excellent technical and management skills best suits the role.

Now, the other dilemma that appears is the appropriate time to join MBA course. The significant difference in opting a course before and after the work is just the experience.

When one works in a company, he/she becomes aware of the importance of the management skills. The need of MBA becomes apparent, and the course proves fruitful.

The best time to join an MBA after engineering is when one thinks to lead. During working, there is an urge to start leading a group of employees and improve the efficiency. This is the period that joining an MBA course proves efficient and helpful.

The candidates become aware of various corporate words and their functions, importance, etc. is getting understandable.

In the end, the decision comes under the goal of the candidates. The courses one choose depends upon the role one dreams about. There are several post/vacancies available, and each requires its eligibility. One needed to be clear and focused on the path he/she desires and plan accordingly.

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0 # Ritesh Sharma 2018-03-26
Great article!!
Yes you are exactly right about numerous benefits for those people who want to pursue MBA after engineering and there is one most amazing benefit that you will get easy success to a managerial position and move up in the hierarchy so thanks a lot for helping engineering students for showing another path.Thank You.
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0 # radhika 2018-03-21
Informative and useful article!
Yeah it is true that doing Masters i.e MBA increases the job prospects of candidates & gives them lots of opportunities.We all know how how the Indian job market is and that's why we required some professional skills, to get high profile jobs and for the same reason many engineers prefer doing MBA after engineering. Thanks for sharing!
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0 # Priyansh 2018-01-24
Hello, I have done B.Sc Honors in Mathematice, am I eligible for MBA, if yes plz suggest MBA colleges in Kathua
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0 # Shruti 2018-01-25
Yes, you are eligible for MBA, any graduate can do MBA if one have maths in 12th, find the list of MBA colleges in Kathua here- MBA in Kathua
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