Why Should Engineering Students Blog?

Why Should Engineering Students Blog?

Blogging is achieving popularity, not only in India, but also in many other parts of the world as well. It is getter great exposure in print media and there are some useful blogs out there that provide the best guidance for people to make money. But, many people have a doubt as to when should I begin blogging. The fact is that there is no right or wrong answer for this question as even a 10 year old student with good written skills can start a blog and even a retired individual can begin a blog to share his/her thoughts to the external world. If you are an engineering student, here are some of the reasons why you should have such a blog?

As against general college students, engineering students are referred to here because they generally have some sort of technical knowledge as compared to other students. When a student is in a technical college, he/she can get better support from friends. Furthermore, this is the time, when your creative thinking will be at heightened level and this skill will help you in taking your blog to larger group of people. In addition to acting as the best source to share his/her thoughts, a student in engineering education can also use the blog as a source of income and appropriate guidance for the same can be found over the internet. Here are some reasons why blogging will be easier for these students:

Passion and interest in blogging:

As mentioned earlier, you can just share your thoughts, passion and interests through your blog. Being an engineering student, if you have interest towards other topics like forex, arts, games, sports and related stuff, you can just share your knowledge with your friends to the external world by writing blogs on your favorite topics. When there are more visitors for your blog, you can even earn through it. Even, your college might have a blogging platform to encourage students to post their thoughts and you can be benefited from this blog as well and of course, it will add value to your resume as well.

Meet money requirement:

When you were in school, your expenses was limited, isn’t? But, now your spending on cafeteria, phone bills, internet bills and many other expenses has considerably increased, isn’t? What to do with this? You can manage your expenses without having to rely on your parents, by making money through your blog. You can slowly turn your blogging as a part-time employment to earn, even though, initially you start the blog for your passion. Remember that money will not start flowing immediately from the next day of starting your blog and it will take some time and at least it will take 4-5 months for your blog to get popular and attract more and more advertisers, which in turn will bring you more and more income.

So, start blogging from now on and when you can create some useful and informative blogs, you are sure to strike the best results.

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