All about GATE 2016 Entrance Exam

All about GATE 2016 Entrance Exam

All about GATE 2016 Entrance Exam

GATE 2016 pattern has changed considerably from the pattern in the previous years. GATE Entrance exam is conducted every year and the score is considered to provide admissions in various colleges in India. GATE is conducted jointly by Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, and IIT guwahati, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras and IIT Roorkee) on behalf of national coordination board.

There were a few significant and notable changes made by the GATE Committe like introduction of Numerical type questions, online exam, Removal of common data and Linked Answer type questions.

The pattern for GATE-15 is announced to be the same as GATE-14 so we can expect the same type of questions to appear this year as well.hence the method of preparation should be strictly based on the paper pattern as different type of problems require different sort of preparation and strategy.

Coming to the first point about the Numerical Type Questions these questions were introduced to check the level of understanding of concept to a candidate as these are more or less subjective type of questions and hence the preparations should be based on that only.

Most of the practice problems or books that we chance upon are objective so it becomes a problem as how to be prepared from the standard textbooks as you can practice the solved examples as well as the exercise given at the end of the chapter but the solved examples are more recommended as you can easily get to know by looking at the solutions that where you are commiting a mistake and if  you happen to have a solution mannual for some standard textbooks you can go about solving the exercise at the end of the book as well to give you a good practice.

Now the basic strategy while solving these type of problems for exam as well as during the practice should be to focus on the accuracy more than the speed of the problem solving as if you try to be fast then you can land in trouble and these questions as per my general experince are lengthy as compared to the objective type problems and hence you cannot bank upon re verifying your solutions as at the end of the exam, you may not have sufficient time left for that and so it is better to be sure that you are correct the first time that you solve a problem and that helps a lot.

As well as self confidence plays a major role here as if you are not confident about your answer then you will end up re checking your solutions multiple times and that will cost in terms of time and hence marks and eventually you AIR. The self confidence comes from the accuracy of problems solving during the preperation stages so prepare hard and prepare good for these type of problems as they will constitute around 40% of the paper.

The next major change that happened was that the exam was taken online which had major impact as exam is now conducted in multiple sessions with each session having a different paper and hence a different difficulty level.

Most of the student’s will hope to give exam in a session where the exam is relatively easy and thus hope to end up scoring more and getting better. But the truth is far different from this popular opinion as the students who end up giving the exam in a session where the exam is relatively difficult are in a better stead then most of the other students.

This basically happens because now the rank does not depend on the score but rather on the normalized score which in turn depend on the average marks scored in the session.

so if you happened to attend the difficult session then the average marks in the session are less and hence you have a better normalized score but if sat in an easy session then most of the students will obtain high score and your normalised score will be less than the potential .

The last but not the least the change that happened was removal of Common Data and Linked Answer type of questions and that actually is positive sign for the students as these questions were generally time consuming and if you did not understand the concept or if you are lacking in a particular topic then you were actually losing tow questions instead of one as   Numerical type questions are introduced so you can devote time to those without worrying much about the earlier type of problems.

The one different think this time from GATE 2016 will be that no calculators will be allowed inside the examinations hall and an online scientific calculator will be provided instead so students need to buckle up and download a few online calculators and start practicing on that as that will help you again speed which will be crucial in the exam and can be one of the deciding factor as the students who will have the ability to calculate gaster on the online calculator will save the crucial time in calculations and can either spend that time in revising the paper or solving some left out problems to achieve a better rank.

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