All about the GED Test: The curriculum and preparation

All about the GED Test: The curriculum and preparation

All about the GED Test: The curriculum and preparation

The General Education Development GED test is a set of five examinations which when cleared opens many avenues for the students. Students on getting through the GED test will receive the academic credentials to the high school level diploma. There are many universities that use the GED test score as one of the requirements for admitting the students in various courses.

They prescribe the range within which they entertain applications from aspirants. GED tests are conducted by GED testing service which is a collaboration of Pearson and American Council on Education. Candidates when pass   the GED test, are here honored with the certificates of high school level education .The candidate can take the test in Spanish or French apart from English.

GED test structure

Five examinations are conducted under the head of GED tests which are social studies, Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Writing and Language. The Arts Reading and Social studies test contains the 50 questions on various social, political and historical subjects regarding the world. The wide spectrum on this paper ranges from Civics, geography, the world history and the government to economics. The duration of the test is 70 minutes.

Science examinations are an 80 minutes long test that is consists of 50 objective questions. The test will test the candidate on his understanding and the application of the scientific concepts and the theories. Here the Environmental science, earth science, physics, chemistry and space science are the general spheres of science that the students are often quizzed on. This test is not only consists of the theoretical questions but also offers the questions that have the diagrams, the maps and the charts.

Mathematics test is also conducted for 90 minutes and the question paper is also separated in two sections. The first part contains the 40 questions which can be solved with the help of calculator. The test consists of the multiple choices as well as writing the format based questions. Students while preparing for Maths test mainly focus on algebra, probability, statistics and the numerical operations.

Reading the test requires the candidate to answer the 40 questions in 65 minutes. This test is similar to any other reading section of the examinations.

The writing test will be separated in two sections one requires the students to focus on the sentences building and the usage skills in the first section, while testing their writing skills in the later part.

The first 50 questions of the first part could be completed in 75 minutes and the second sections will give the student 45 minutes to frame an essay. Here the candidates have the advantage to utilize their time saved in the first section in the writing part.

The Preparation

Prepare all the subjects with good clarity. On one hand subjects like Mathematics and science requires the good understanding and the clarity of the concepts where as on the other hand the social science which is a very huge subject should be handled by revising it daily.

Attempting as many possible questions on Maths and science that are available on internet will help you to attain the good score. The Mock test will help you in good time management and also make them aware of their weak points as well as in which area they need to improve.

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You should take branch according to your interest, if you have interest in software or programming choose computer science, if you have interest in machines, choose mechanical, etc, some good engineering colleges are Raj Engineering College ; M.B.M. Engg College ; Indian Institute of Technology ; Marwar Institute of Technology
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