How to get the best out of CAT 2017 exam changes, tips for CAT 2017 aspirants

How to get the best out of CAT 2017 exam changes, tips for CAT 2017 aspirants

How to get the best out of CAT 2016 exam changes, tips for CAT 2016 aspirants

CAT 2016 aspirants have been raising queries on various implications and how to cope with the officially or unofficially announced proposed changes and crack CAT 2016.

The notification and other news published in newspapers and MBA portals about these changes have placed the aspirants in a fi fix and as such they find it difficult whether to continue the same preparation strategy or change the same.

If the change in the preparation strategy what it should be so that it could lead to crack the test with the high percentile.

With the announcement of big changes in the CAT 2016 aspirants are expecting more surprises on examination and scoring pattern in CAT 2016.

Expert on CAT 2016 preparation advises the aspirants to shed all the fear and remain determined to emerge a winner in CAT 2016 since no changes in syllabus is expected although twist in question types may be present in CAT 2016. He suggests following steps to CAT 2016 aspirants to turn this announcement of changes in their favor as a boon and make the best out of these changes.

No More cramming of Head When to Schedule

CAT used to begin in the middle of october every year with a 16-21  days test window but CAT 2016 will be over in 4 sessions on 2 dates November 16th and November 22nd.

CAT aspirants who used to schedule thier test early or late always had to calculate what level of difficulty they would face made number of combinations in consulatation with their peers and mentors when to schedule CAT.

This headache is gone now and everything is proposed to be decided and alloted by the test conducting agency TCS.

Aspirants in fact should feel relieved with this change. All other top rated MBA entrance tests in India like XAT, CMAT, MAH-CET and other top level entrance tests and competitive examinations like JEE, AIPMT, UPSC-Civil services are mostly conducted on the scheduled dates in one go  with no lingering-on process.

The system of short period is expected to prove more successful since controversies like increase/decrease in level of difficulty, technical glitches, lack of transparency in calculation of percentile after normalization of scores for different dates are no longer expected in CAT 2016 Entrance and the aspirants may feel good on these counts.

One month more to prepare

CAT 2016 has provided a good opportunity of one more month to prepare and practice. The opportunity is more important in view of the proposed chanfes.While the candidates are advised to continie with the same preparation strategy deploying hard work, the addditional one month should be solely devoted to get xpertise in preparing and practicing the relevant type of questions.

Don’t expect technical glitches

TCS has the reputation of conducting top level examinations like GATE, JEE, AIPMT, JIPMER with almost no technical glitches.  They arre eexpected to prove themselves a better testing agency than Prometric.  So the aspirants may feel a little relaxed on this issue also, as in a few testing sites of Prometric candidates used to sit till late afternoon due to technical glitches.

TCS as testing partner to IIMs for CAT 2016 has selected 99 cities with 354 testinf sites and have devised the strategy so that there are no technical problems during the testing window.

The best use of Practice tests

Although no tutorial just before the begining of the test wull be availble to the aspirants on the testing day the practice session with more relavent questions will be avialable continously during the three and a half months of August,september,october and till the CAT in Novemebr 2016 is over.

It is advisible to go for CAT 2016 practice test atleast once a day regulary and see how many more questions you may solve on the similar pattern. Earlier CAT practice test had very few questions but you may have more questions on examination pattern in practice tests on CAT 2016.

Mocks wait a few days

No doubt you’re all time companopm Mocks will be of  great help in learning and preparing for CAT. But it is advisible  to waut a few days and then go for full length Mocks. In a few days you will have genuinely prepared mocks as per new CAT 2016 pattern. They will then be offered by most of the coaching centres off line as well as on line as per the revised structure of CAT 2016.

Candidates who had already started taking mocks on past CAT pattern now need the updated mocks ad should go for revised ones.

In all probablity,various coaching institutes may revise the prices of Mocks upards in the wake of higher number of questions and the composition.

It will be better to enquire before subscribing the same.

Expect More RCs and questions on Verbal Ability

Aspirants should expect more RC passages in CAT 2016.  Either there will be an increase in number of reading comprehension passages from 3 to 4 or 5 followed by the same number of questions of the length of RC passages will be increased from 900 words followed by more number of questions. However the level of difficulty is expected to remain moderate in CAT 2016.

Question on verbal ability may be composed of more on Error corrections,vocabulary especially fill in the blanks type Different types of questions on jumbled paragraph,last sentence of paragraph,picking the out of context, are expected.

Moving from one section to other is the bounty

Most of the CAT takers are either very good in Quant and DI or in verbal.The problem till CAT 2016 was that they were not allowed to switch to other sections before completion of 70 minutes alloted to first section.Similarly once the test taker begins to solve the verbal ability questions he was not allowed to come back to quant section. This restriction was applicable in CAT only other MBA entrance tests allowed such movement.

CAT 2016 will permit this movement of switching to another section during the overall test duration of 170 minutes.Aspirants hsould  make the best use of this facility abnd solve all the people questions from both the sections in first attempt.They should not only improve their attempts but also the level of accuracy.

To acheive this time management during preparation is must.While solving mocks please keep the clock with you and try to solve as many questions as possible in one go.

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