IIT JEE Entrance Mock Counselling 2013

IIT JEE Entrance Mock Counselling 2013

The Indian Institute of Technology conductes IIT JEE Entrance Exam for seeking admissions in all 16 IIT's for Engineering Course.

IIT JEE Entrance Exam will be held in the month of April Every year.

Before going for the Proper live counselling one can make use of the tool "IIT JEE Mock Counselling" ,the tool is particularly developed by Way2college.com for the students in order to find out where would they get admissions.

One needs to just ckick on "IIT JEE Mock Counselling 2016" enter the expected ranking, select the category and hence the names of the colleges will be displayed based on the ranking entered.

Try this tool,just click here and enjoy our services.."IIT JEE  Mock Counselling"

"IIT JEE  Mock Counselling".

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