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  • Eligibi :"j trong>

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    Hown o apply: "j trong>

    All th inMaiested and eligible landi, 'Cs who are n MenMo fulfil th admissonc "y Maiia and c

  • are invited Mo fill th admissonc .

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    Patna- 8able4.

    Hown o apply"j trong>: 35

    Re rvs:"j trong>

    < ref=Oumnof..imum qualifysignickks (i.e.45%) at th eTop Cit test.ETop Cit testsree:"j trong>

    Applitle="">'enMfch gawww l segory candi, 'Cs is Rs 600/-nrch SC/ST " clbams Rs 450/-.


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