Preparation tips for the TOEFL Test

TOEFL stands for test of English as the foreign language and is also owned and managed by the EtS i.e. educational testing service. TOEFL exam is available in two formats

TOEFL-PBT and TOEFL.TOEFL-PBT is the older version and is paper based test and the new one is internet based test-iBT. The TOEFL iBT is becoming more popular as it in an online test and assesses all the four skills of English, reading, writing, speaking and listening where as TOEFL PBT assesses the reading, writing and listening skills but does not test the speaking skills.

Before deciding on which format of TOEFL to appear you need to check which format is available in the locality. TOEFL PBT is available in those test locations where internet facility is not available for conducting TOEF iBT. Candidates appearing for TOEFL PBT need to appear for TWE along with the reading , writing and the listening test .If appearing for TOEFL iBT, practicing on the QWERTY keyword keyword will make you familiar with the keys and will also help in increasing the typing speed.

Purpose of Attempting TOEFL

TOEFL Scores are basically are used for academic purposes and are also accepted by more than 8500 colleges and the universities. TOEFL scores are also needed for the VISA processing for Australian and the United Kingdom. TOEFL test centers are available at more than 4500 test centers spread across the world.

These are app 30-40 TOEFL test dates available in a year. It tests how well you can use English as the language in the classroom environment. Are u able to follow the lecturer and the classmates speak, are you able to communicate with them, are you able to follow what you read, how well you can write etc are some tasks that are tested using TOEFL. Based on the scores received the college decide upon the application for admission.

How to prepare for TOEFL

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