The Topics that are covered in CAT 2016 Paper Preparation

The Topics that are covered in CAT 2016 Paper Preparation

The Topics that are covered in CAT 2016 Paper Preparation

CAT is the entrance exam which not only will tests the skills and the abilities of the various aspirants in various sections like Quantative aptitude, verbal ability, logical and analytical reasoning and data interpretation but also will test the ability of the person to make the maximum out of the time allotted.

CAT is an aptitude test which contains Mathamatics, English and reasoning, whatever is covered here is supposed to test all the aspirants on an equal basis and hence it has to be something that everyone did STD Xth then everyone will choose their own field.

The subject wise topics that are covered in CAT Entrance Exam are

Mathematics or Quantitative Section

1. Percentages and its applications

Percentage, Profit and Loss

2. Ratio and Its Applications

Ratio, Variation, Time and Work, Time, Speed and distance, Average and Partnerships, Alligations and Mixtures.

3. Algebra

Linear and Quadratics Equations, Surds and Indicies, Inequalities, Logarithms

4. Numbers and its applications

5. Geometry and its applications

Geometry, trignometry, Mesuration

2. English or the Verbal Section

This section does not leave out any part of the application of English as a language or the various ways in which it can be tested. In order to enumerate Grammer, Vocabulary, Critical reasoning, Reading Comprehension are the prominent topics.

3. Analytical Reasoning Section

The common topics that are covered here Blood relations, direction sense, puzzles, arrangements, data structures, series, coding-decoding, clocks and calenders.

4. Data Interpretation Section

Here a lot of data organized questions are asked in different ways. Topics like Table, Bar, Pie, Line graphs etc or sometimes unorganized in caselets are asked.

A good knowledge of basic maths and quick for mental calculations are required in order to crack this section.

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