Tips for NDA Preparation

Tips for NDA Preparation

National Defense Academy Examination is considered as one of the best Entrance examination for those aspirants who has reverie for becoming an officer in fortified forces. This examination is usually held twice in a year, i.e. in the month of August & April. One can say that this examination is the beginning impediment which needs to be cracked. From the previous years, facing this examination arises as a dream examination for those aspirants who have been learning for it or have been completed their 12th standard. The figure of these candidates cogs up in every 6x30 days for the majority of competitive examinations this time.

The preeminent time period for applying for this examination is just after completing your 12th Standard since early beginning can lead you to success more. The syllabus of this examination constitutes of G.K. or General Knowledge or Current Affairs, English, Maths, Social Science (especially History n Geography n Political Science), Science (Physics, Biology n Chemistry) etc. The best way to assess the difficulty level of this examination is to scrutinize the previous year papers.

You have increase the range of your mind and improve its knowledge, as it is the key to success in any competitive exam. In examination hall, this is what which will take you to your dream of being an armed force officer. Although there are many coaching institutions, online tutorials and other media to impart knowledge but until you wouldn’t gain anything from these, they all are in vain. It’s up to you how much you gain from them and increased your knowledge. If you have sufficient time that you can spend on institutes and all, you can but at the same time, you have to concentrate on time management as well. Without time management, all can go in vain. Even after having tuitions you have to learn well to achieve your goal.

These points you should follow to achieve good score in NDA examination:

  • Create a schedule of your study according to week.
  • Since the syllabus of 12th n NDA are similar, you can  certainly simulate between the two.
  • If you have some extra time, spend it in reading 10th standard SST books, for gaining knowledge of geography and history basics.
  • Never get dependent on book notes, just rely only on your notes.
  • Increase your current affairs knowledge by reading newspapers and listening news channels on a daily basis and you also can make notes for them in spare time and learn. This can improve your knowledge as well as help in competing NDA.
  • Enhance your vocabulary and practice more and more for English improvement. Never at all take English in a light way. It consists of 200 marks and a little bit attention towards it can give you a good score. Especially the error searching and jumbling sentences can help you do well. Focus on those by conceptualizing parts of speech, since it is the basic of English.
  • Keep in mind that there’s negative marking as well, so don’t guess any answer or prevent answering wrong any question. Attempt only those for whom you are pretty sure about.

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