A Bejewelled Career

A Bejewelled Career

A Bejewelled Career

Well, a well-turned man/ woman today is a person who wears fashionable clothes, good shoes and teams them up with right accessories or jewellery.

Well, a well-turned man/ woman today is a person who wears fashionable clothes, good shoes and teams them up with right accessories or jewellery. Appropriately so, as part of the trilogy on Fashion (as Career and Education), Jewellery or Accessory designing logically makes for the conclusive article.

Your grandmother's old jewellery should definitely be treasured and pricey heirlooms, but they simply cannot match the existing styles being worn. Jewellery today is exclusive and contemporary and as said earlier people are very image conscious. They want to wear jewellery to make a fashion statement and as something that suits different occasions. That it is also a financial asset and security is a no-brainer.

So what has changed wrt jewellery, both in India and across the world are:




Branded & Designer

Gold jewellery only

Silver, Gold, Pt jewellery


Investment and Fashion

Traditional designs and goldsmiths

Innovative designs by qualified/trained designers

Conservative approach in buying

Demand of occasion specific jewellery

Purchase only from shops/showrooms

Online purchase of trendy jewellery

The Indian gems and jewellery sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 13 per cent during 2016 – 2016, on the back of increasing government efforts and incentives coupled with private sector initiatives.

Gold jewellery forms around 80 per cent of the Indian jewellery market, with the balance comprising fabricated studded jewellery that includes diamond studded as well as gemstone studded jewellery. Preference for gold dominates the domestic jewellery demand.

India As Jewellery Hub?

  • Gems and Jewellery hub
  • Craftsmanship with high levels of skills
  • Low Production costs
  • Huge variety because India is a multi-cultural country
  • Diamond Polishing capital of the world
  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Effective worldwide distribution network
  • According to Ebay’s census guide there are around 2,471 e-commerce hubs in India that are active in online trading.

India is the largest gems and jewellery market in the world (the domestic market is Rs 63,000 crore), but largely in the unorganised sector with a significant focus on gold. With the entry of big players like Tanishq, Swarovski, DeBeers, D'- damas, the shifting thrust on gems and stones rather than pure gold is giving a big push to the organised gems and jewellery industry. The following data will only corroborate these points:

During April‐December 2016‐11, the country’s exports increased by 41% to USD 27.5 billion compared to the same period last fiscal.

The popularity of the jewellery design has captivated today’s fashion world. Work opportunities in jewellery design have even led to the Jewellery Designing is that branch of Fashion studies which deals with the study of creating new designs and styles of various jewellery. Fresh designs are created, keeping in mind the occasion, customer needs, market trends and fashion trends.

Jewellery Designing as a Profession

Jewellery designing requires great aesthetic sense, illustration skill, technical skill, familiarity with chemistry, and understanding of cost and marketing strategies. These things are taught at design schools as part of their course. A designer with a major retailer can get Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 a month in the beginning and then the pay can go above Rs 1 lakh a month, depending on seniority and calibre

Career Options: A jewellery designer can work independently, designing alone or with a small staff and retailing out of some stores. A designer can also work with one of the big brands or a smaller private player as an employee.

  • Jewellery Designer
  • Gemmologist
  • Jewellery Entrepreneur
  • Diamond Grader
  • Sales & Marketing Professional
  • Consultant/ Product Development Professional
  • CAD Designer
  • Bench Jeweller

Skills Required

  • Affinity for fine arts and designing.
  • Knowledge of precious and semi-precious stones, equipment.
  • An eye for detailing and illustration.
  • The high cost retail dealings require integrity and honesty in customer dealings
  • Comfort levels with numbers

Jewellery Designing Education

In addition to the two Cs (Creativity and Craftsmanship) of Jewellery designing, a designer today needs to know much more. The students need to learn software, sketching, use of wood and metals, and also marketing strategies. A jewellery designer these days has to be tech-savvy, working with 3D and graphic software, and needs to know about the hands-on technique, mix of metals, stones etc to convert designs into saleable jewellery.

A student who aspires to be a professional Jewellery Designer needs to go for professional courses offered by various institutions, after finishing his Senior Secondary. Various certificate and diploma courses are offered for which you need to apply individually. Various courses available are Jewellery Designing, Jewel CAD, Gemology, Diamond Grading, Jewellery Manufacturing and Computer Aided Jewellery Designing. A jewellery designer will also be having training in architectural and functional knowledge of jewellery making and the business where it functions the most.

Various Colleges and Institutions in India that offer a course in Jewellery Designing are:

1. Jewellery Design & Technology Institute, Noida:

is a premier institute to provide the much needed skilled professionals to the ever-growing jewellery industry. JDTI aims to impart a high level of education and training to its students, thereby enhancing the product quality of Indian Jewellery and expanding its reach in the domestic as well as international markets. The Institute has a strong infrastructure, offering rich knowledge about Jewellery designing that maximizes students’ awareness and skill sets and is also known for providing extensive exposure in Jewellery manufacturing in well-equipped workshops with the availability of advance tools and technologies.

JDTI offers following courses on various aspects of jewellery design & technology:

  • Long Term Programmes
    • 2 Years Diploma Programme in Jewellery designing & Technology
    • 1 Year Certificate Programme in Jewellery designing & Technology
    • Programmes in Jewellery Designing
    • Programmes in Jewellery Manufacturing
    • Programmes in Gemstones & Diamonds
    • Other Specialised Courses
    • Distance Learning Programme
    • Integrated Certificate Courses
    • Customised Programmes

2. Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery, Mumbai:

The Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery (IIGJ) is a project of the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. It is a non-profit organization committed to excellence in education.

The Institute has been set-up to encourage the youth of today to consider a significant career in the gems and jewellery industry. The objective of this Institute is to provide advance knowledge and professionalism in the field of jewellery.
The Institute conducts courses in basic as well as advanced jewellery design, jewellery manufacture, refining, casting, setting, model making, rubber mould making, CAD / CAM, gemmology and diamond grading.

From the plethora of courses offered by the Institute, there are some really new and niche courses that are otherwise unheard of in India like: Jewellery Photography, Retail Sales of Jewellery and luxury goods, Conformation to Hallmarking Standards, to name a few.

3. Indian Institute of Jewellery, Mumbai

4. Gemological Institute of India, Mumbai

5. Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, Rajasthan

6. NIFT and NID also offer courses in Jewellery/Accessory Designing

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