Few differences between Fashion designing and Fashion technology course

Fashion designing courses and the fashion technology courses are the courses that are opted by many students after class 12th. Fashion designing course is popular among all but still there is lot of popularity for Fashion technology course and the garment production course. There are many Entrance exams conducted for getting the admissions into the fashion designing colleges in India.

The Fashion Technology Course

Fashion technology courses in India are provided at various levels right from diploma, graduation to post graduation. If the candidate is technically intelligent then Bachelor of Fashion technology would be the right choice. Few top Institutes in India offer the bachelor of fashion technology course. Top Fashion Institutes like Pearl Academy offers the course in Garment manufacturing and it is offered at postgraduate level. National Institute of fashion technology offers a four year course at the undergraduate level.

The course is designed in such a way that they train the students in the core garment manufacturing technology and put more interest in the Apparel production. The students are well trained on the applications of Information technology program in such a way that in future they should work well for the fashion technology domain.

The Eligibility criteria for the Fashion technology course is

The candidate should complete 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

The Scope

The course also provides the hands on experience on apparel manufacturing technology, it also provides hands on training and the industry exposure. At the end of this course you will also be hired by a fashion house and the garment manufacturing unit.

There you can work with the people of production managers or the assistant production managers in the garment manufacturing units.

The Fashion designing Course

Fashion designing course in India is one of the most important course in India. Fashion designers will create the design in such a way that it will even suit the local people. Fashion Design courses is also provided by many Good fashion designing colleges in India.

Here it is very important to know your skills and aptitude before you choose the area of specializations like Fashion design, leather design, textile design or even the fashion communication.

The Eligibility Criteria

The candidate should complete 10+2 from any stream. One needs to have good artistic skills to be a good fashion designer. Admissions is done through the various entrance exams that are conducted at the top Fashion designing institutes like National Institute of Fashion technology, Appejay Institute of design, National Institute of design, pearl Academy of Fashion  and the Wigan and Leigh college.

The Scope and the Employment opportunities

Fashion designing will give you the opportunity to be your own boss. You can get trained and work under some well known designers understands the concepts, gain good experience and knowledge before setting up a boutique. You can make you career as a freelancer for many Fashion houses. You can work in many export house and garment manufacturing unit.

The differences between Fashion technology and Fashion Designing course

1. In Fashion technology one needs to mainly concentrate on Physics, Chemistry and Maths at 10+2 level.

For Fashion designing course the candidate can be from any stream (10+2).

2.  In Fashion technology the application of Information technology is the part of the pedagogy.

In Fashion designing the stress is laid on the creativity and the artistic skills.

3. In fashion technology there is no specializations provided.

There are various specializations in fashion designing like leather design, Accessory design and textile design.

4. In Fashion technology Setting up the own unit is very difficult.

In Fashion designing one can set up the own boutique.

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