Any PhD aspirant may need to know about NGS Scholarship (NGSS)

Any PhD aspirant may need to know about NGS Scholarship (NGSS)

NGS Scholarship (NGSS)

NGS Scholarship (NGSS) is awarded only for superior calibre of PHD research by the meritorious students.

Compulsory section needs to be completed

Please ensure you complete

  • Academic Qualifications
  • Other Information
  • Test Details
  • Languages
  • The applicants whose medium or native tongue of undergraduate instruction is other than English., must clear TOEFL/IELTS tests
  • GRE clearance is optional for graduated applicants from local institutions but compulsory for international applicants, e.g. NUS or NTU.
  • Achievements - if any
  • Referee Associations
  • Questionnaire
  • Payment

Supporting documents need to be attached

  • Check listing of all documents (as enlisted)
  • Supporting documents, for NGS’ PhD program must be sequenced as instructed as instructed the special notes
  • If not otherwise instructed, all the supporting documents must be as below:

1)       The documents must be in PDF format

2)       The PDF documented files must be sent to

3)       The size of the PDF file must be within 10 MB

4) One set of hard copy of the documents must also be sent to the address as mentioned in the “Submission of Application” section

5)       Both the soft copy and hard copy must mirror each other

6)       There may be variations in Application payment, Referee Reports and Transcript

Correspondences you can expect from the university

The primary correspondences you can expect from the university will be email. If any application is found to be incomplete or has any missing point, the online status enquiry will convey you the message, and point to the actual status. The same section will inform you about the interview notifications.

The reasons for rejection of applications or being expelled from the program:-

è  If any application content is found to be false or inaccurate, the application is sure to be rejected.

è  If there is any omission of information, the application will not be entertained

è  If any applicant fails to pay the application fees, the application will be rendered invalid

è  As indicated, any invalid or incomplete application will be rejected, even a person is found to have submitted inaccurate or false information, he or she will be expelled from the program.

Important to note: - A correct and valid e-mail address should be provided by you. You must also regularly maintain your e-mail account. If your email account is not valid, the authority will not take any additional effort to contact you.

There is no external agency, engaged by the University for carrying out the recruitment process of the students’ scholarship programs on behalf of the authority. So, if any candidate takes the indirect approach or influence in applying for the scholarship, his or her applications will be rejected.

Of course, every application’s information will be reviewed and scrutinised afterwards.

It must also be noted that the research experience gained from the study (both during and afterwards) must be considered priceless. The university expects the study material and other exposures to the students will be used for the future developmental works. The University also expects that feedbacks of the scholarships should encourage other budding scholars, who in turn, can undertake other researches for the benefit of the mankind.

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