Skills Vs Knowledge

Skills Vs Knowledge

Skills Vs Knowledge

A skill describe to the ability of using that knowledge and applying it in content. But, which is more important, Descriptive Knowledge or Practical Skills “this question is always raised. Skills are the proficiencies developed through training, development program me or experience. And Knowledge is the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

It's important to realize that in the any organization, what matters is not the amount of practical experience or theoretical background that an individual having. The thing is matters is how much an person is able to effectively deal with the environment realities around him. Theories and practical knowledge are just complementary from each other

'Both practical and theoretical knowledge go with hand in hand and each has their own important. At each level, in an organization, where the experience is helping out to carry work  the skills are also play a important role to enhance their knowledge and experience

If we are talking about the current scenario the employees who having a knowledge and experience both but most of the companies in India is providing practical training for the development of candidate so the person are know more about their efficiency. This type of companies are perform the programs like seminar, conferences, workshops for their development as well as company progress. Some companies have the perception that the employees will learn to swim if he/she is thrown in the ocean

The practical training has two purpose, first for the development of their skills and other for the culture of the organization so he clearly aware about the organization terms & policies. it definitely help the candidate for understanding the situation much better. 

Both theoretical knowledge and practical skills are required for a good opportunity. Knowledge can be learnt whereas skills require practical exposure and can also be in-born. From a philosopher perspective, knowledge is not seen or touched like intangible things but skills can be made tangible by applying this knowledge into an action to get a desired result.

Skill - the ability to do something that comes from training, experience, or practice in a certain area
Knowledge - awareness of something: the state of being aware of something.

In connection with teaching, knowledge transfer means a simple transfer of information like reading a book, delivering lectures, etc.In the case of skills, it need to make sure that the student practices with proper mental and physical attitudes toward the knowledge.

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